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Untitled Prezi

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Kaitlynn Vincent

on 22 April 2013

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What do you think? Does age matter in relationships? Society's expectations today What do you think when you see a twelve year old girl with a sixteen year old boy? Rethink.. What if you put it in a different perspective? Something to think about Different Mind Sets Does it change your mind? They could still be four years apart. Do age differences influence the divorce ratings? Woman used to marry men that were much older than them. ---- In 1870 divorce ratings were 3.3% Today, men and women are getting married to people closer to their ages. The divorce rate in 2012 was about 45% - Examples of relationships with age differences My parents are eight years apart. Mr. Morris and Mrs. Morris are about nine years apart. My grandparents were forty-four years apart. Beyonce and Jay-Z are twelve years apart. Age difference weren't as big a deal back in the day Has it been five minutes yet? Hormones
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