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Erikson's Stages of Development- Intimacy vs Isolation

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Lynette G

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Erikson's Stages of Development- Intimacy vs Isolation

Erik Homburger Erikson

Was a German-born American developmental psychologist and
psychoanalyst known for his theory on psychosocial development of human beings. He may be most famous for coining the phrase "IDENTITY CRISIS". His son, Kai T. Erikson, is a noted American sociologist.

Although Erikson lacked even a bachelor's degree, he served as a professor at prominent institutions such as Harvard and Yale.
Erik H. Erikson
Intimacy vs Isolation
Young Adulthood 19-40 yr
Assessment Process
Middle Childhood
-gender typing
-logical thinking
-social comparison
-develop self esteem
-test knowledge with words
-rely on older, nurture younger
-resolve problems through friends
-fear commitment
-unable to form relationships
-social/emotional isolation
-avoiding intimacy
-identity crisis

Best Approach to Providing Care to this Age Group
-Each step
builds on skills
learned in previous steps. Erikson believed that a strong sense of personal identity was important for developing intimate relationships.
-Erikson put a great deal of emphasis on the
adolescent period
, feeling it was a crucial stage for developing a person's identity.
exploring of relationships
; friendships & dating. Remember the need to accept rejection as a natural part of this process.
-This stage requires a sharing of self as well as accepting of others sharing with us. The establishment of
is most important to accomplish "Intimacy".
Assessment Process of Young Adulthood
-depression/anxiety screening
-substance abuse
-STD screening
-health maintenance
-health education
-behavioral/lifestyle changes
-social outlets
-life satisfaction

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Erikson's Stages of Development
(June 15, 1902 - May 12, 1994)
The sixth stage of Erik Erikson's theory of psychosocial development focuses on
This stage takes place during young adulthood between the ages of approximately 19 and 40.
major conflict
centers on forming intimate, loving relationships with other people.
Vital that people develop close, committed relationships with other people.
leads to strong relationships, while
results in loneliness and isolation.
"Intimacy has a counterpart:
: the readiness to isolate and if necessary, to destroy those forces and people whose essence seems dangerous to our own, and whose territory seems to encroach on the extent of one's intimate relations"
Isolation vs Intimacy
Paul Carmickle and Lynette Ray-Gilbert
"Will I be Loved?"
"Will I be Alone?"
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