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Sany Saa

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Russia

8. Business Culture
strong hierarchical structures
high power distance
Tip business meetings: written statement with essential points
1. Introduction
2. "Mir"
3. Russian Soul – “Russkya dusha”
4. Family & Friends
5. Traditions - Hospitality & "Vodka"
6. Corruption
7. Communication
8. Business Culture
9. Homophobia
10. Sources
2. Mir: village commune, world and peace
3. Russian Soul – “Russkya dusha”
4. Family & Friends
5. Traditions - Hospitality
7. Communication
10. Sources
9. Homophobia
collectivism is deeply rooted in the Russian culture
Andresen, F.R. (2007): “Walking on Ice – An American Businessman in Russia”, Denver: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Brückner, M. (2008): Megamarkt Luxus: Wie Anleger von der Lust auf Edles profitieren können, Munich: FinanzBuch Verlag GmbH.
Lasch, I., Löw, I. (2009): „Business Know-how Russland – So wird Ihre Geschäftsreise zum Erfolg“, Munich: Redline Wirtschaft.
Richmond, Y. (2009): “From nyet to da: understanding the new Russia”, 4th edition, Bos-ton/London: Intercultural Press.

Internet sources:
Frankfurter Rundschau: „Gesetzlich verboten“. 24. Februar 2012. Zugriffsdatum: 12.12.2013
Human Rights Watch: "Russia: Use Leadership to Repeal Discriminatory Propaganda Law“. 05.09.2013. Zugriffsadatum 15.12.2013
Taz: „Demo gegen Homophobie in Russland“. 13. Juli 2012. Zugriffsdatum: 13.12.2013
New York Times."Gays in Russia find no haven, despite support from the West". 11 August 2013. Zugrffsdatum: 12.12.2013
Huffington Post: „Gay Athletes & Tourists Could Face Arrest During Russia's 2014 Sochi Olympic Games„. 31.07.2013. Zugriffsdatum: 12.12.2013
Wall Street Journal: "Russia passes bill banning gay 'propaganda'". 11 June 2013 . Zugriffsdatum 28.12.2013
Elenkov, D. S. (1998), Can American Management Concepts work in Russia? A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study, California Review Management, 40 (4)
Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health 2011. Zugriffsdatum 22.12.2013
Über die russische Volksdroge Alkohol und ihre Auswirkungen. https://www.bpb.de/internationales/europa/russland/48008/alkoholismus. zugriffsdatum 22.12.2013
The Seven Dimensions of Culture - Understanding and Managing Cultural Differences. http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/seven-dimensions.htm Zugriffsadtum 20.12.2013
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National character and "essence of Russian behaviour"
collective society: hospitality plays a huge role
hospitality means entertainment
kitchen the most private room

Typical (character) traits:
believe in fate
optimistic fatalism
"deeds count more than words"
taking decisions
complex language
6. Corruption
pessimistic attitude
Status & Prestige
National pride
distrust in constitution led to corruption
Military Service
corruption is everywhere
everyone is corrupt but nobody admits it
great possibility for misunderstanding
everything is possible if you have money
if there is a problem, they look for the right person, not for the right legal way
Mother country and Matrjoschka
talk around difficult topics
listen between the words
rich body language
degree of physical contact
friends and family have the highest priority
are the only trusted people
sign how conversation is going
careful use of the word friend
5. Traditions - "Vodka"
combination of Russians and Vodka
Vodka - national drink (long history)
two forms of you formal and informal
diffuse culture
drink in every situation
no hospitality without Vodka
in cities, families with one children are norm
High context culture
education of children is very important
for no drinking people need a good reason
no reason not to drink
June 2013: new law against LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender]
1. Introduction
Russians see themselves as members of a community, not as individuals
egalitarianism: benefits should be distributed equally
many character traits can be traced back to their live in the “mir”
not allowed:
+ public demonstration for LGBT rights
+ signs and rainbow flags
+ to say that you are gay in public
+ kiss your partner or hold hands with him
no twilight zone like in Germany
it is permitted to arrest gay, or pro-gay foreigners & tourists
centralization of decision making and responsibility
toasts are very important
collectivistic features:
- interest in family and private life
- group results > individual performance
trust: important foundation in business
strong patience advantage during negotiation
compromise: sign of weakness
negotiate as long as comparable benefits are reached
personal relationships/networks = important qualification
visitor has to bring a gift
center of social life
special toast for every occasion
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