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Overcoming Fear of Presentations

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Carolina Anais Rubio Soto

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Overcoming Fear of Presentations

Some tips
Calming your inner critic
Sometimes, in our desire to excel and give of our best, we end up becoming our own worst critic

Making realistic improvements
As you prepare and plan, you will feel more in control of various elements of your presentation.

Changing your focus
You will find that your focus begins to change from yourself to your audience.

Conquering nervousness
The key is to control the negative manifestations of your nervousness and to channel the extra energy flow.
Identify your fears
Send positive messages
Use visualization techniques
Meet your audience
Do your best
-Progressive relaxation
-Guided imagery
-Moving about before and during the presentation relaxes your muscles and processes excess adrenalin
-Breathe deeply and slowly while others are speaking or before you are introduced and called upon to begin your presentation

Prepare Properly
-Take the time to plan your presentation well.
-Study the guidelines about designing effective visuals.
Conduct a Dialogue
-Interact with audience members before the presentation.
-Maintain eye contact during the presentation.
Overcoming Fear of Presentations
Many people suffer from so much stress while giving a presentation that their heart race, their hands sweat, their knees shake, and their mouths feel dry.
These physical stress responses can be overcome by identifying the causes of the fear and developing ways.
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