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Teen Pregnancy

No description

Mar Claudia

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy Who Gets Pregnant? Based on your knowledge of the various theories looked at in this course, describe someone who is most likely to become pregnant? Minorities People in poverty The birth rates for Hispanic (82 per 1,000), Black (64 per 1,000), and American Indian/Alaska Native (59 per 1,000) teenage females were higher than that of the general population of teenage females. In Canada 2007... youth living in poverty have a teen pregnancy rate which is five times the average. This is a result of the Socio-economic circumstances. Children of Teen Moms Cyclical. = According to United Way.org Girls born to teen mothers are 83% more likely to become teen mothers. Teen Pregnancy is Cyclical As symbolic interactionism suggests, if your mom is a teen mom you see teen pregnancy as the norm and something you should do as well. The daughters of teen moms could be trying to fulfill a role that they think is expected of them. The Cycle of Teen Pregnancy Daughter grows up in single parent household Daughter of teen mom chooses to start relationships with troublesome guys who resemble her father. Teenage mom has daughter The chances of this cycle repeating itself increase due to factors such as poverty Step 1 being socialized to believe teen pregnancy is the norm Step 2 The father is someone irresponsible, uninvolved, & unsupportive. Freud states that the daughter is more inclined to be attracted to someone who’s characteristics are similar to her father’s because they are subconsciously sexually attracted to their father as an infant. Step 3 Extremely Influential Factor of Teen pregnancy... Poverty Teen Pregnancy can be both the outcome of poverty and lead to poverty. Teen Pregnancy results in Poverty. On the other hand... The long-term cost of a teen having one baby is estimated at $79,320. According to Jane Leovinger’s theory on ego development, progress from one stage to the next is determined by an individual’s psychological clock, not by chronological age or the social environment. With this information, some may argue that due to certain experiences one has at a young age, they are emotionally and psychologically prepared to have a baby. Correlation between poverty and education If teen moms are likely to give birth to babies that turn into teen moms, then the rate for poverty goes up in these households. Since the mother gave birth as a teen and probably didn’t get that good of an education she therefore probably has a not very stable/high income job. This in turn affects the daughter and increases her chances of becoming a teen mom. EXAMPLE: Single mom trying to raise her children while working three jobs to support her household. Draws attention away from development of her children. This could leave a gaping hole in their identity. Autonomy vs doubt 1-3 Initiative vs guilt 3-5 This relates to Erikson’s stages... -If child is encouraged to do things for himself ( with some adult guidance ) a sense of independence or autonomy develops
-self doubt and dependence characterize the negative outcome for this stage

*Parents need to be mindful as to how they respond to certain actions of child -Children are meant to dev. Sense of initiative through physical exploration, and high energy
-Parental responses to these behaviours lead to a sense of initiate and inquisitiveness or a sense of guilt and lack of initiative If the parent isn’t actively involved in their child’s life during stages that require extensive parental involvement, it could be detrimental to the child in the future and to the development of their ego and identity (autonomous self). This uncertainty results in poor decision making that could result in teen pregnancy. As a teenager, the autonomous self has not yet been achieved due to lack of experiences and finical independence. Therefore, a teen cannot support the cost of a baby or be psychologically prepared to deal with the struggles of raising a child. After discovering… So I’m pregnant. What in the world do I do? Discussion Left... Right... You drank too much at a party, blacked-out, and had sex with a stranger. Now, you are pregnant. What are you going to do? You have been with your boyfriend for around one year. You had sex, and found out that you are now pregnant. What are you going to do?
You are a teenager. According to school, your parents, and the media this is a very important time that will determine your destiny. You want to do the best you can in school so that you can provide for yourself as an adult… it’s all very stressful, and finding out that you are pregnant adds a family of elephants to the crazy zoo of life an adolescent teenager already has to deal with. Feelings… You’re feeling… Happiness, excitement Anxiousness Depression Fear Teen Pregnancy Fun Fact #316 96% of teen mothers keep their babies Teen Pregnancy Fun Fact #141 Only 33% of adolescent mothers will graduate high school and only 1.5% will earn a college degree by age 30. Teen Pregnancy Fun Fact #87 Teenagers who have strong emotional attachments to their parents are much less likely to become sexually active at an early age. Teen Pregnancy Fun Fact #306 Babies born to mothers aged 15-17 have less supportive and stimulating home environments, poorer health, lower congnitive development, worse educational outcomes, higher rates of behavior problems and higher rates of teen childbearing themselves. There is a high rate of teen pregnancy in Precious’ community. Do you think your environment increases your chances of teen pregnancy? • Lack of Parental figures ( 3 jobs)
• Education vs. Poverty
• Unsupporting environment (school )
• Upbringing and values
• Overall, with the environment that they are in, they feel worthless and are not expected to amount to anything. Precious.  Children of teen mothers are much more likely to drop out of high school prior to graduation due to lack of parental guidance (kids raising kids) which is detrimental to their education and therefore their chance of employment decreases significantly. (Unitedway.org) This is a domino effect. Higher quality home environments Improved nutrition More informative and engaging environment Environmental Influences that may Explain the Flynn Effect smaller family sizes Improved education (for parents and children) Example: television, access to internet, reading materials) The Flynn Effect deals with the issue of how the general IQ scores of a population change over time. The against teen pregnancy Stigma A senior at a south-central Washington high school faked her pregnancy for six months as a social experiment for her senior project. Gaby’s plan was to conduct a social experiment to observe the reactions of her "pregnancy" and present her findings to community leaders to help other young women fight stereotypes. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzgXBpDZxqU) Gossip Girl Pretty Little Liars Vampire Diaries Jersey Shore Media The Consider the shows on TV today… (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKTJKDHVYEU) emotionally repercussions that follow "I Love You" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcY3kYq0WVM) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFq9JWtIRR8) All Television shows are... Over sexualized
Kids are highly sexually active as a result of media depictions
21st century teens (for the most part) don’t have healthy sexually identities
The media never presents the consequences such as aids, STIs, and herpes
Have the baby, keep it and raise it as your child

Have the baby, give it up for adoption

Abortion Based on these feelings, the mother and father of this future child have three options… 1 2 3 Catholic Views on Teen Pregnancy Discuss with the person beside you: Choices What does the Catholic faith teach us about premarital sex? Personal Social Keep the baby as your child The stereo type often is... -Emotionally attached to the child
-Strong feelings of love, and bond with your baby
-Family that you are close to have become emotionally attached to the baby as well It’s a huge sin - religion is important you and the family
- some cultures and religions will not accept a person in their social community if they have aborted a child
- fear of being looked down upon, or not accepted by the society that you live in or the culture that you are a part of, therefor feeling that you have no choice but to keep the baby no matter what position you are in (could be financially or emotionally unstable) You’re a bad person for having a baby before getting married It’s against the rules Have the baby, give it up for adoption - Knowing that you are not financially or emotionally stable enough to provide a child it’s basic needs, but do not want to abort it
- Getting an education means a lot to you personally, therefor you must give the baby to a family that is already financially stable -Your culture/religion does not allow abortion, but you know that you are ill-equipped to raise a child
-If you do not reach certain standards of providing for your child, the government could take away your child (ex. Not financially stable, cannot provide food and shelter for your child) Abortion -The thought of having a baby scares you
-You feel like your life has become out of control, act through stress and depression without thinking it through completely
-You couldn’t risk breaking your parents hearts, you fear that they will yell/punish/be very upset with you and of not forgive you -Being embarrassed to go to school/tell your friends that you are pregnant in fear of harsh judgment
-Anxiety of being judged by your family because of your family’s religion/culture
-Fear of being looked down upon by society (not being looked at as an equal)
-Knowing that you cannot afford to miss school during your pregnancy
-Knowing that being pregnant/having a baby can affect your chances of getting a job It is very important to know that God will never abandon you, because he knows and understands the temptations you go through as an adolescent. He is mainly concerned with how we treat each other. What our faith really teaches us… God didn’t just give us sex to make babies. He gave it to us so that a married couple could express their love in the most intimate way possible, another way to say “I love you”. God is love, and we have been instructed to love each other as Jesus loved us. When we use another person as sex objects, there is no love which causes us to lose self-worth When you let someone see or experience something as intimate as sex with you, God wants it to be with someone you are in love with, someone you plan to spend the rest of your life with. Marriage is a symbol that binds and commits you to that person. One of the main reasons why our parents, teachers, and church teach us that sex before marriage is a sin is that the reason God gave us sex was to share it with someone who has dedicated the rest of their lives to stand by you, not to someone who has not made a commitment. Pregnancy is not a sin; it is a gift from God. Premarital sex is a sin because it means having sex with someone who hasn’t yet made you promise (to stay with you until death). An easier way of looking at it… Marriage is the symbol of honest, true love.
God is the symbol of honest, true love.
Anything against honest true love is against God.
To sin is a refusal to love. Sex is taken very seriously by Catholics because it can make you feel very close to God
For example: it makes us feel like lovers, givers, and creators. Birth Control and Abortion Abortion and Birth control are voluntary interruptions of pregnancy.
Discuss with the person next to you what the Catholic faith teaches us about birth control and abortion. -Abortion is the direct taking of an innocent life
-There is no situation that justifies killing an innocent human being
-Women have a right to their body and what happens to their body… but their rights are limited when they effect another person’s rights Question to ponder… Do you think that God is pleased when his precious gifts to us are being killed in the safest place on earth – the mother’s womb? A Birth Control Analogy You would like to lose weight. One way is to avoid foods that are bad for you. You decide to forget about your diet for a day, and eat a piece of chocolate cake. After, you start to feel guilty and make yourself vomit up the chocolate cake. Therefor you have enjoyed the taste of the cake, but you have used an unnatural decision to avoid the consequences of the cake. The natural purpose of eating is to nourish the body and is intended to be pleasurable. The pleasure that eating brings us should not be the only purpose of eating.
The same goes with birth control. People use it to avoid the consequence of sex, but still have the pleasure. With this they attack the basic goods of new life, and the uniting meaning of intercourse. If you are a pregnant teen, does that mean you are a bad person? Will you still be accepted into the Catholic Church? Of Corse you will be! Before you think about having sex, take “the test” to see if you can handle the repercussions that follow. Mom, Dad, I'm Pregnant! lthough you have sinned, you are encouraged to
come to the church so that you may ask for forgiveness of your sins. That is was the church is here for! There are Catholic companies that support teen mothers, such as the Bayard House.
-The Bayard house’s mission statement is to provide a home and education to pregnant teens and young families in need so that they can be nurturing parents and contributing individuals in society. A
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