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Air Pressure

No description

Lea B.

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Air Pressure

AIR PRESSURE Properties of Air Density is the amount of mass in a given volume of air. Density=Mass/Volume The more molucules in a given volume air, the higher density, and vice versa. Pressure is the force pushing on an area or surface. Air pressure is the result of the weight of a column of air, pushing down on an area. Measuring Air Pressure The instrument used to measure changes in air pressure is called a barometer. A mercury barometer consists of a glass tube open at the bottom end and partially filled with mercury. An aneroid barometer has an airtight metal chamber. Air A Air pre Air pre Air e Air pressure in measured in inches of mercury and milibars. Increasing Altitude Altitude, or elevation is the distance above sea level. Air pressure decreases as altitude decreases. As air pressure dectreases, so does density. THE END
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