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A World of Women

No description

Chad Kamen

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of A World of Women

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli BY:
Chad Kamen
"I PLEDGE" A World of Women:
A Guide to the Females That Have Shaped History Annie Oakley 1860-1926 Career End of Her Life and Impact Annie suffered a spinal injury during a train wreck in 1901. Operations were numerous and afterward she was still left partially paralyzed for a brief amount of time.

After the wreck, she tried to overcome the injury by still participating in some shows. After a while her shooting ability was back to normal.

In 1922, Annie participated in a shooting contest in North Carolina. Even at the old age of 62, she was able to shoot 100 clay targets in a row from 16 yards away.

Sadly, she passed away in 1926 due to anemia.

She broke the boundaries for woman across the globe with her finesse in sports. She showed women that they can be able to shoot guns just as well as men.

She broke the mold of society and was a true tribute to the fact that gender is no way to determine one's abilities. (Lakewood Public Library) Success and Challenges The year 1971 brought about challanges in Gandhi's region as mass killings took place in the nation. Gandhi dealt with the million of Pakistani's who fled their country to India.

After helping the refugees, Gandhi hosted a peaces summit with the leader of Pakistan, which later resulted in the forming of the nation known as Bangladesh.

Gandhi was highly involved in the creation of the Green Revolution, a movement to spur job creation and crop production for poor farmers in the Punjab region. The area was plagued by food shortages but the movement was a great help for the people there.

The year 1977 was a turning point in Gandhi's career. The courts of India found that her election had not been a "clean" win for Indira and wanted her to resign.

She lost the election after the accusations came out and she was also imporisoned for what the courts percieved as corruption.

She held strong though and in 1980, despite the accusations, the citizens of India voted for Gandhi by a whopping amount. (Indira Gandhi) A Tumultous Ending and Impact The end of Gandhi's leadership was filled with chaos and had a very sad ending. During the early 1980's, a group called the Sikhs formed a seperatist movement, calling for Gandhi to give them their own nation.

Gandhi opposed this group and tried to stop their progression towards freedom. She wanted the country to be a united nation.

The Sikhs held numerous rallys, including one inside of the Golden Temple. Gandhi feared this specific rally and ordered for 70,000 soldiers to enter the building, ending with death and more hatred towards Gandhi herself.

On October 31, 1984, Gandhi faced one of the worst betrayals in histroy. Her bodygaurd, a Sikh, shot her point-blank. This bodygaurd was helped by another Sikh bodygaurd who fired 30 shots into Gandhi.

Gandhi's legacy has lived long after her death. Though her rule was at sometimes oppressive, she opened the doors for women on an international level. Her ability to lead, especially in a male-dominated society, was groundbreaking.

Females in politics still look up to her as a role model as she was a strong force for women everywhere. Gender did not in any way weaken her ability to be the face of a country. (Indira Gandhi) Jackie Kennedy Jackie Kennedy was born in South Hampton, New York to a wealthy family. Her dad was a Wall Street stockbroker.

Jackie was an equistrienne, winning national championships starting at a young age.

Her family also paid for her to take French and ballet lessons, things that helped fuel her love for culture starting from a young age.

In 1951, Jackie got the job as the "Inquiring Camera Girl" for the Washington-Times Herald. She covered everything from Eisenhower's inauguration to the Queen of England.

In the early 50's, Jackie met John F. Kennedy. By 1953 they were already married.

She helped her husband Kennedy write a Pulitzer Prize winning book in 1957 titled Profiles in Courage, a book about senators fighting for what they believed in. (Life of Jacqueline B. Kennedy) Indira Gandhi 1917-1984 Jackie's husband John was elected president of the United States of America on January 20, 1961. Thsi means that she became the First Lady.

Jackie tried very hard to keep her kids as normal as possible. In the WHite House, she made a school for her kids to attend with some others. She also made sure to put them before her position.

Jackie's time as First Lady was spent mostly around revitalizing patriotism and the arts. She took on the project of restoring the White House, what she thought was a representation of our nation.

She created the White House Fine Arts Comittee and the job of being a White House curator to make sure that the place would always be a blossoming symbol of patriotism and our country.

She won an honorary Emmy Award for her TV broadcast of the newly designed White House. The broadcast was made by CBS News and garnered 80 million views.

Jackie Kennedy was very involved in fashion. She became a trendsetter on an international level, inspiring women globally to express themselves through unique fashion. (Life of Jacqueline B. Kennedy) In the August of 1963, Jackie bore a son Peter who ended up dying two days after being born.

The year went on and in November, during a car ride though a crowd in Dallas, her husband was assasinated next to her.

In tribute to him she built the John F. Kennedy Foundation Library in Boston.

Five years fter facing her husband's death, she remarried a wealthy Greek named Aristotle Onassis. He also died, making her a widow once again.

In 1994, she sadlt passed away, leaving anoticable mark on the world. Her style and appreciation for the arts shaped modern culture for many years to come.

She was the model for the modern girl. She was independent, beautiful, and most importantly, devoted to her family. (Life of Jacqueline B. Kennedy) 1961-1997 Worldwide Phenomenon Princess Diana was already established as one of the most well liked faces on the planet by the mid 1980's. She was the woman everyone wanted to be. Internationally women looked up to her style and grace.

Her work with chairty was one of her most recognizable feats. When the AIDs epidemic started to become a very public matter, she cared extremely for its victims. She was the first celebrity to really embrace the community of those affected by the disease and was photographed touching someone with the HIV virus at a time when people were horrified of the disease.

Diana was also strongly engaged with the Red Cross. Very late in her life, she did a trip with them to Angola, touring minefields. She made other excursions with them to help kids affected by landmines in areas such as Bosnia, leaving the glamour of her royalty behind her.

While Diana was busy raising her kids and helping other out, her life began to fall apart. As the marraige between her and Prince Charles dragged on, the dark secrets of affairs started to become public. Charles had been cheating on Diana with a woman named Camilla Parker-Bowles.

As the story started emerging to the public, Diana moved to a seperate apartment from Charles. The darkness of their marriage was brutally spread across the headlines of every paper. They sperated in 1992 giving way to more speculation and media scrutiny.

Their marraige was put under more stress as wire tappings revealed Diana began to cheat on Charles. More stories spun across every front page as their doomed marriage was finally ended in 1995. (Bio.) Tragedy and Influence Beyonce Knowles 1981-Present Princess Diana Background Annie was born in Patterson Township, Ohio.

She was the fifth of seven children and experienced the death of father at age 6.

She began shooting game at age 9 to support her family.

Her mother remarried but then her second husband died, prompting Oakley's mom to send Annie to live with different family.

During that time, she was mentally and physically abused by neighboring folks who put her to work in almost slave-like conditions.

Finally Annie returned home and at age 16, she won a shooting contest between herself and marksman Frank Butler. (Lakewood Public Library) Quote “Aim at a high mark and you will hit it. No, not the first time, not the second time and maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect. Finally you’ll hit the bull’s-eye of success.” Frank and Annie were soon married and she became they partnered up as a shooting act that traveled the nation.

Frank arranged for her to join Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1885, a show run and performed by the famous Buffalo Bill Cody.

She would perform at Buffalo Bill's sow for seventeen years, breaking numerous records and accomplishing great feats.

Annie's most well-known act was her ability to shoot the ashes off of a cigarette in her husband's mouth.

Other acts by her included a trick where she could shoot a couple of holes in a card thrown in the air before it fell to the ground. This trick is the reason why free tickets with holes punched in them are called "Annie Oakleys".

While touring Europe, the Crown Prince of Germany wanted Annie to shoot a cigarette put between his lips. Annie instead had him hold the cigarette in his hand, increasing the stakes, and shot the cigarette flawlessly. (Lakewood Public Library) Quote “For me, sitting still is harder than any kind of work.” “God intended women to be outside as well as men, and they do not know what they are missing when they stay cooped up in the house.” Quote 1929-1994 Background Background Quote "I'll be a wife and mother first, then First Lady." The JFK Period Quote "I am a woman above everything else." The Loss of JFK and Impact "Even though people may be well known, they hold in their hearts the emotions of a simple person for the moments that are the most important of those we know on earth: birth, marriage and death." Quote Indira Gandhi was born into a prominent political family. Her father was India's very first prime minister.

Because of her family's importance she studied in Swiss schools and at Somerville College in Oxford.

Her mother's death in 1936 prompted her into the world of politics. She gained experience by meeting diplomats her father knew.

In 1960, she was voted to be president of the Indian National Congress.

Due to some deaths in the government, including her father, she became the first female prime minister of India in 1966.

She improved agricultural programs immediatley after her induction, which helped many struggling people. (Indira Gandhi) Quote "There is not love where there is no will." Quote "The power to question is the basis of all human progress." Quote "Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave." Diana was born in 1961 to the eighth Earl of Spencer. Her parents divorced pretty early on in Diana's life.

Diana was not very interested in academics as a young kid and thus dropped out of school at age sixteen in 1977.

In 1977, she also met a Prince Charles, who would end up being her doomed lover. It was not until two years later that Prince Charles decided to pursue her as a potential wife.

In 1981, she became engaged to Prince Charles, thrusting her into the international spotlight. She became so famous that many people copied her engagement ring, a diamond and sapphire band that instantly became iconic.

Her wedding later that year attracted over one billion viewers and was maeked as a holiday in England. The wedding was a huge international event, as every one wanted to see the princess straight out of a fairytale.

In the following three years she had two sons, Prince WIlliam and Prince Harry. She was quickly dubbed by an international crowd as the "People's Princess". (Bio.) Quote "Being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be." Quote "Only do what your heart tells you." The end of Diana's life was marked by times of extreme sadness. Her divorce with Charles did nothing to subdue the paparazzi, who investigated every detail of her life. As she tried to find love again, her attempts were reported to the world.

Not only were the paparazzi wanting to hear about life after Charles, they wanted very single detail of her life. They pried on the fact that she suffered from the illness known as bulimia.

The media obsessed over her decay. Every single false move was a headline, every bit of information was cover page. Her troubled love with store-owner Dodi Al-Fayed became another tragedy for her.

Dodi and Diana were involved in a car crash on August 31, 1997. The crash immediatley killed Dodi and due to complications from it, Diana passed away as well.

Her legacy will be forever enduring as a lesson to everyone. Her extreme exposure to the spotlight resulted in her very tragic death. But most importantly, she was a symbol for woman across the planet.

Her charitable nature and dedication to her children has empowered women for decades now. Through the adversity of her life, she stayed strong, fighting for what she believed in. Diana will forever be a symbol of a strong woman. (Bio.) Quote "Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you." Impact on Modern Society Beyonce's most recent musical ventures have put her in the field of female empowerment. With the smash hits "Single Ladies" and "If I Were a Boy" off her album I Am... Sasha Fierce, Beyonce conquered the struggles of women in today's society.

For that album she also earned herself six Grammy Awards in one ceremony, becoming the first woman in history to ever to accomplish that feat. (People Magazine)

On her most recent album, 4, Beyonce decided to take a risk and let her father go, who had been her manager throughout her career. She took power into her own hands, becoming the business woman everyone sees her as being.

As of just last month, Beyonce has collected a total of 17 Grammy Awards. This puts her among the most awarded women in Grammy history. (Beyonce Knowles)

Beyonce's influence has been not only on the music industry but the people around her. Many young women idolize her as she has become a symbol of strength and empowerment.

Among the awards and records, Beyonce has become a staple for women of the 21st century, defining an entire generation. Her vivacious attitude and powerful voice have propelled her to become one of the most recognizable female singers of all time. (People Magazine) Worldwide Success Starting in 2003, Beyonce became a dominant force in the music industry. That year she released her first solo album which launched an iconic #1 single titled "Crazy in Love".

In 2004, she took home five Grammy Awards for her album Dangerously in Love. This tied her for most wins for a female ever in one night, a record she broke later on.

Even though 2004 faced her with the breakup of Destiny's Child, she came out swinging hard the next year. She launched her own clothing company titled House of Dereon.

While her next album earned her another Grammy, she covered the coveted Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated. She became the first woman in history to grace the cover that was neither a model or athlete. She was also the second African American woman in history to cover the issue.

The awards kept rolling for Beyonce as she beccame the first woman to win the International Artist Award at the American Music Awards. During this time of extreme adulation, she became not just a phenomenom but a pop icon, breaking the boundries of music with her voice, fashion, and confidence.

In 2008, it was announced Beyonce had married rap artist Jay-Z. Instead of making their event a public affair, the couple chose to do it with only a few people n attendence. Beyonce's loyalty to her husband yet her ability to be a powerful bussinesswoman have become a superb example of the "21st Century Woman". (People Magazine) Works Cited Starting from a very young age, Beyonce Knowles was infatuated with singing. Starting at the age of 7, she sang at talent shows, beating kids much older to win the top prize.

In the early 90's, she sang as a part of a group called "Gyrls Tyme". This singing troupe included some of the members of the group that would launch Byonce into the spotlight, named Destiny's Child.

In 1996, Beyonce's father left his job at Xerox to manage the up and coming girl's group Destiny's Child, headed by his daughter. The group's popularity gained very quickly after their first single, "No, No, No".

Their second album pushed the group into the limelight, selling over 8 million copies. But as the group become more popular it became more evident that Beyonce was the true star.

As the single and album sales skyrocketed, it was obvious Beyonce was beginning to become a solo act. In 2002, she earned her first Grammy for one of the groups hits titled "Say My Name".

The next year she became ASCAP's Pop Songwriter of the Year, a title she was the first African American woman in history to earn. This titled was followed by starring roles for Beyonce in huge blockbusters such the latest installment of Austin Powers, which earned $73 million its opening weekend. (People Magazine) Quote "In my hardest moments, where I thought what am I doing, I'm not strong enough for this, I can't get through this, I'm not ready, I just have to say jump! Because, I know I'm gonna land in that water and swim back on the boat and I'm going to jump again and land in the water and swim back to the boat." Quote "The best thing is looking back and realizing how incredible life is. If you don't take the time to think about it, analyze your life, you'll never realize all the dots that are connected." Quote "I'm always thinking about women, and what we need to hear. It’s difficult being a woman. It’s so much pressure, and we need that support sometimes and we need that escape sometimes. We’re all going through our problems, but we all have the same insecurities and we all have the same abilities and we all need each other.” "Annie Oakley quotes." The One and Only Annie Oakley. Web. 4 Mar. 2013.
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