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Hannah Hajek

Forget Me Not

Lesly Gonzales

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Hannah Hajek

Hannah Hajek February 10, 1939 - October 1944 The After Mass Finally... Bedrick and Margit When was she born? Who is Hannah Hajek? Hannah Hajek was a beautiful little girl whowas just like us.
However, she was killed at a young age. Not because she was evil, not because she was rude, but all because she was a jew. Hannah was born on February 10, 1939 in Prague,
Czechoslovakia to parents Bedrick and Margit.
However, shortly after her birth Nazi Troops
invaded Prague. Then finally 1943, Hannah, her mother, and her grandmother were forced into a Theresienstadt ghetto. The ghetto consisted if malnourished and ill Jews that overcrowded the place. Constantly, Jews were taken from the ghetto and onto a train to meet their death at Auschwitz. Then finally on October of 1944, Hannah, her mother,
and her grandmother were finally transported to Auschwitz. When they bearly arrived there, they were immediately taken and murdered in the gas chambers. At just four years old, Hannah was murdered. Hannah's parents worked at an Austrian emigree organization where they were responsible for finding housing for Austrians that fled after the Natzis took over. After the Natzis took over Czechoslovakia, they began to throw Jews into concentration camps. As the time progressed, Hannah's mother was arrested twice for underground political activity. However, she managed to get released every time. Then they were caught....
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