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PE Badminton and Volleyball

No description

Tanat Chanrachakul

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of PE Badminton and Volleyball

What I would have done differently
Train more to do better on my fitness test
Try to train more on smashing in badminton
Badminton was more of a challenge than volleyball because I was less familiar with it.
I did not really know the rules, so I had to learn and memorize that, which was a challenge
Fun things in Class
Playing sports is always fun, even when I do not win. To exercise your body is already a great experience, as I do not usually get time to. This whole class was fun.
What we learned?
The rules and skills of playing badminton and volleyball
Most Significant Event
Every class was an achievement, but playing badminton and being able to beat many people is my most significant event.
PE Badminton and Volleyball
By: Tanat Chanrachakul

What did I accomplish?
I improved my knowledge of badminton, as well as improving my skills in badminton.

I was already familiar with volleyball so this class helped me practice my skills.
What did I complete?
What's still incomplete?
I completed my goal of becoming better in badminton, but I still could have completed my goal of improving my smashing skills.

I also did not complete my goal of becoming more fit by doing well on the fitness test.
What did I feel good about?
Just playing badminton or volleyball feels good, especially being able to help my team in volleyball.

I contributed mostly in volleyball by trying to let my fellow teammates spike by setting to them.
Not so fun things
There isn't anything that I didn't find fun in this class.
Differences from last semester
Last semester was soccer and basketball, so we played different sports, but was different in the way that I wanted and tried to win each game, and tried my best.
What I'm grateful for
I'm grateful for having a great class, with motivated classmates and a good and funny teacher.

I got to have fun, learn, and exercise at the same time.
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