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Artemis By:Jaylynn

No description

Jaci Howard

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Artemis By:Jaylynn

The Goddess of Hunt
By: Jaylynn Artemis and her Family Artemis's father was the most powerful god, Zeus. Artemis and Her Brother Artemis and her brother, Apollo, were fond twins. Orion was a very good friend with Artemis. Artemis's father gave her one wish that she wanted. Artemis' wish was to always be a young maiden in the woods and would never marry. They were different but very nice to each other. They were very powerful together. A Companion Of Artemis Artemis was glad to see him after his long journey. An evil king put out Orion's eyes when he was asleep on an island with wolves, boars , and other wild animals. When they met and Apollo knew about it , he grew jealous. He was so jealous, he killed Orion. The Clothing of Artemis Artemis always wears a bow and arrow and has a crown. She also has a dress on all the time. But soon as Orion came, Apollo wanted to kill him. Orion Artemis's Symbols The symbols that represented her was a Stag , a Moon , and a Cypress tree. Orion Apollo + Artemis ZEUS Artemis' mother
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