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Mississauga forex promoter says he was kidnapped, beaten

No description

Gabby Jovellanos

on 28 February 2016

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Transcript of Mississauga forex promoter says he was kidnapped, beaten

Mississauga forex promoter says he was kidnapped, beaten
By: Michael Robinson Staff Reporter, Published on Sat Feb 27 2016
Purpose?: To inform everyone to be careful when going to your car.
The writer kept talking about his world wide popularity and kept switching back and fourth to the crime and then to instagram. Was confusing for me to read
and didn't go straight to the point.
Only taken quotes from Reza Mokhtarian, and the officer (Rachel Gibbs) would not confirm if Mokhtarian was the victim nor comment on his claims.
The 5 W's
Reza Mokhtarian(Victim), Rachel Gibbs(Police Officer)
Claims to have been kidnapped and beaten by 10 men, and have his car stolen
was found bound and beaten in a ditch off Winston Churchill Blvd, on the border of Brampton and Halton Hills.
Febuary 25th, 2016
Car was stolen by the men
“I was just trying to get into the car and the next second I was being dragged into a van and put a cover over my head and told to get the f--- down,”
Did not get information from the men who beat
him, any comments from his family, or even the police.
Only gave details about his bruises and
his social media. As the reader we are forced to guess on why he was kidnapped and why the men had beaten him.
We only got the victims side of the story, not the police, family, or even the men who beat him.
How does it relate/affect to the world/Canada?:
We all have to be careful whenever we're out due to the amount of crimes and kidnapping there is worldwide.
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