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The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

No description

Diana Bogarin

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Jeffrey Dahmer- murderer
Lionel Dahmer- father
Joyce Dahmer- mother
Catherine Dahmer- grandmother
David Dahmer- brother
Gerald P. Boyle - Dahmer's attorney
Donna Chester- Dahmer's probation officer
Joyce & Lionel Dahmer and their infant baby, Jeffrey Dahmer
Main Characters
- Killed his first victim a few days after he graduated from high school
- Confessed to having called the families of his victims and telling them to stop looking for them since he had already killed them
- Promised his p.o. to remain celibate
-police record for disorderly conduct
-arrested for asking a 13 year old boy to pose nude for some pictures. when the child declined, dahmer drugged and fondled him and set him free after
-the child's family then pressed charges and dahmer was in prison for 5 years
January 22, 1992: Trial begins
February 15, 1992: Dahmer is found guilty on 15 accounts of murder
February 17, 1992: Dahmer is sentenced to fifteen life terms in prison
May 1, 1992: Dahmer is found guilty of killing his first victim, Steven Hicks. Sentenced to another life term
Affect on the community
Everyone was shocked, especially those that knew him
People started wondering if it was a racist crime, considering that Dahmer was a white man
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