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Low Lijn: Space Conscious Bicycle Parking Design

with an eye on the Quality of the built environment

Velo Mondial

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of Low Lijn: Space Conscious Bicycle Parking Design

Hanging Gardens

This is a system to store bicycles above the water of the canal. The lightweight construction is attached to the quay and covered with sedum, grasses and ivy. This model can also be applied easily on the quay or in squares and is also great for storing mopeds.
Herbal Gardens

This a variation on the hanging gardens but now in a stand alone modular version, and can be used to grow plants or herbs
Cycle Parc Low Lijn

is a multiple use solution for inner city bicycle parking. VenhoevenCS has, in cooperation with Pascal van den Noort (Vélo Mondial), developed several concepts that bring a solution to store the growing number of bicycles in Amsterdam.
The bicycle parking concepts contribute to a high quality public green space combined with bicycle parking.
Service, multifunctionality and social security are key words in the design.
We examined several options and locations above, on and in the water of the Amsterdam canals. We will also show the availability of bicycle parking solutions in other places in the center of Amsterdam.
Bicycle Parking Jetty

This concept consists of a wide jetty in the canal, where the bikes are placed so that the view to the opposite quay is not hindered. Through the use of a continuous green strip the bicycles are partly concealed and it gives extra green atmosphere to the pavement. This variant can be combined with boat docks.
Low Line Lijnbaangracht

Besides a floating variant in the Lijnbaangracht there are also concepts imaginable on or under the water. The advantage of a variant under the water is that the appearance of the canal remains unchanged. This concept can be easily combined with the hanging gardens.
Low Lijn Lijnbaansgracht

is a floating, wide variation, to which a large green public space can be added. 2000 to 4000 bicycles can be parked in this parking. This version of the Low Lijn lends itself to extension with various features, such as a reception, lockers, vanity mirrors, police post, last minute ticket counter, entertainment information, and bicycle repair.
Low Lijn 'De Max'
Module with adaptable rooftop
Possible rooftops
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