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Sweet-licious cakes

No description

tayyaba rehman

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of Sweet-licious cakes

cakes Hey guess what? Everything from Sweet-licious
cakes is gelatine free! Also if
you're allergic to eggs we've
even got egg free products! Sweet-licious cakes is a confectionery outlet providing you with the finest quality cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and pastries for all your special occasions. Whether its an occasion to celebrate with your friends and family or just some day when you would like to treat yourself and your lovedones with home baked confectionary. Sweet-licious cakes offers personalized cakes ,cupcakes , cakepops and pastries for all occasions and special events. What type of cakes you ask? We carry:
Chocolate fudge
Chocolate peanut
Chocolate pecan
Chocolate malt
Red velvet
Vanilla The toppings we carry are: Butter cream in different colors
Chocolate malt frosting
Chocolate butter cream
White chocolate ganache
Chocolate ganache
Chocolate fudge
Vanilla butter cream
Cream cheese frosting
Peanut butter frosting
Fresh cream frosting
Royal icing
Fondant Dark or White Chocolate Ganache Belgium Chocolate Butter cream filling Lemon chiffonLemon curd Vallina curdFresh fruit Basic Info
Opened :November 14, 2012
Location : Mississauga, Ontario L5N 6L3
Contact Info
Email : sweetliciouscake@gmail.com
Page : http://www.facebook.com/sweet-liciouscakes Now the pictures! Now the info:) Now you know about Sweet-licious cakes!
If you would like to contact me my cell #
is 647-878-2120 . Please order :) What fillings we carry? Dark or White Chocolate Ganache
Belgium Chocolate
Butter cream filling
Lemon chiffon
Lemon curd
Vanilla curd
Fresh fruit
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