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Event Bid

No description

Bethany White

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Event Bid

A new fun way to raise money for Barnardos!

Students will have the opportunity to work on their score cards in order to win prizes. We want the event to be a social, fun cultural experience! Event Details Venue Roper Hall Target audience Activities:
Sumo including sumo wrestling
Ring toss
Hook -a-duck
Egg & Spoon
chopstick challenge
Pinata panda
Raffle & Prizes 1 Date Wednesday 13th March 2013 Finance UCLan students of all years

No skill is required to take part

Sports clubs


Try to build links with the sports clubs and link it in to the socials

Numbers- 50 to 60 attendees Marketing Competition Risks and Hazards What they are offering for the event:
The upstairs room
Until late
Security and bar staff Logo
Tickets Alcohol consumption
Cash handling
Health and safety per micro event
Trips & Slips
Crowd control Market Research We chose Roper Hall because.. Other events nights in Preston are:
Assembly inflatables night
Yates bouncy castle night
Roper Popcorn night
Social themed nights
Clubs such as Mac's & Lava Well recognised social location with students close to campus Sponsors Organisations to approach:
local sports businesses
local student hotspots
Lucozade YES Foundation What we would like them to help us with:
Financial backing in return for promotion of their organisation
The donation of prizes for a Raffle or the end event prize UCLan resources
SU Pre-event Boot cleaning at Source Printed materials Lighting and
sound Music Venue Games equipment and materials Ring toss
Hook-a- duck
chopstick challenge
Egg and spoon
Panda pinata 20
20 Hire

Bar & staff

Tables &

Security Free with
venue Tickets
Leaflets 10
20 Hire costs Sumo suits

Jumbo buzz wire 65 per pair

75 Funds
£100 from our Boot Cleaning event
A possible second pre-event- cupcake sale Based on 55 attendees, paying a ticket price of £5 Total cost= £250
Total- funds= -£150
Ticket sales= £275
Profit= £125 Refer to handout Date - 23rd January
Target audience- UCLan Football teams
£2 per pair of boots
Donations to our event
Target- £100 To finalise Barnardo's What we want:
stickers Break even point:
30 attendees Refer to handout Refer to handout Refer to handout What we are asking for:
Approval of the event

Merchandise from Barnardo's

And full support form staff at UCLan & events students
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