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Julia Dowell

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of 1920's

The 1920's
Fatty Arbuckle Comedy
"New Woman"
Asserting Sexuality
Breaking free from shadow of men
Social Conformity taken place therefore moral codes were changing
Emergence of Flappers and Starlets/Celebrities
Women's Rights:
Freedom of Expression
After the boom of industrialization came a time of economic prosperity in America. This industrialization led to a rise in consumerism in the 1920’s, which drove a new set of cultural values including a desire for alcohol, sexual liberalization, new forms of entertainment and an overall more diverse culture.

1920's Consumerism
Consumerism and Materialism
Media and its affect on Consumerism
The Fatty Arbuckle Scandal
I Wanna Be Loved By You
Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald
Joe "King" Oliver
Coco Chanel
Harlem Renaissance
Main Contributors to Consumerism:
Introduction of buying on credit
Originated in Harlem, New York
Brought about he phrase "New Negro" which symbolized a new beginning for African American culture
"The American Dream was bought on the installment plan" -Stephen Smith
"Flappers were free to choose a career, their partners, their vote, their make-up, clothes, sexuality, and basically their own destiny."
Created a sense of pride for African Americans across the United States
general motors was the forefront for the credit system
many factories followed with things such as washing machines, radios, and refrigerators
expanded to personal loans made by certain banks
Jazz music was one of the most significant parts of this movement but it also brought about new writers, artists and intellectuals
played the cornet
Created his own band, Oliver's Creole Jazz Band
Bobbed Hair
Wore skirts (showed leg)
Listen to Jazz
Rebellious Behavior
Well known for his unique improvisations including bottles and cans
became accessible to the everyday person in the 1920s
credited for bringing families closer together and giving teenagers more freedom
created traffic jams, accidents, and deaths
Wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, known together for their public partying and drunken antics.
"First American Flapper"
True prototype for all Flappers
Embodied the carefree, independent and courageous woman
Jazz Music

From New Orleans; also played the cornet and later on learned how to play the trumpet
Celebrity Fashion Designer
Led the way into modernity with her stripped down dresses, women's athletic wear, heavy masculine fabrics, the "let go" waistline and rising hemlines.
"Chemise" Dress
how advertising changed consumerism
Josephine Baker
Began in the south
Intended to break old school style of music
Clara Bow
Materialism and Conformity
Time, Money, and Prosperity
Singer, dancer, and comedienne
Known internationally especially in France
Performances ranged from striptease to opera
Active in Civil Rights movement
Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler were the "big three"
1920s "It" Girl
Photogenic and every other girl wanted to be her
Fast Career, 55 movies in 10 years
Associated with a lot of scandals
was able to capture a greater audience
use of billboards, magazines, and radio
celebrity endorsements, promise for success, fear of social embarrassment, and seduce to consume
"Never was there more pressure for solidarity, conformity, and wide personal aquantences than exists today under the current credit economy" - Lynd and Lynd(1929)
consumption rivalry
neighbors, families, co workers
neighborhoods looked identical
Advances in Consumer Products
Children's clothes
Cigarette lighters
kitchen appliances
reflected the new culture of sexual liberalization and a time of change during the 1920’s
Jazz was the first native music to occur in the United States
Created his own band the Hot Five
Recorded more than 50 influential songs with his band
Louis Armstrong
Arbuckle is Blacklisted
The Uprising of Feminism
As the entertainment industry took off in the 1920's, many stars found themselves reveling in the spotlight.
One of these unlikely stars was Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, a silent film comedian and circus performer.
His fame, however, was cut short by a scandal involving a woman named Virginia Rappe.
Arbuckle went to a party in San Francisco to celebrate his recent success.
At this party a woman named Virginia Rappe, became fatally ill and died.
Arbuckle was accused of raping this woman, though there was little to no evidence to prove it.
The Arbuckle Trials
Roscoe Arbuckle was tried three times for the rape and murder of Virginia Rappe.
The first two trials ended in a hung jury.
The last trial found Arbuckle innocent on all counts.
Even though Arbuckle was found innocent, his reputation was ruined and he was never able to regain the fame he had before.
Since the scandal and trials were extremely publicized, Arbuckle was blacklisted from most Hollywood industries.
This tragic story brings to light the empowerment of women during this era.
Whether or not the rumors of what Arbuckle did were true, Virginia’s voice was heard and her rights were protected, which is more than what would have happened in previous decades.
This outcome explicitly shows the uprising of feminism that occurred during the 1920's.
The media was tied directly with consumerism in the 1920’s
was spurred on by the need for producers to sell as fast as they were producing.
consumers were led to believe that they needed the newest and and most expensive item or they would be somehow inferior.

The media was tied directly with consumerism in the 1920’s
was spurred on by the need for producers to sell as fast as they were producing.
this affected many aspects of entertainment such as advertising, film, radio, and paper media.
Film and Consumerism
film provided a new and easily approached form of entertainment.
The second half of the 20’s saw a rapid evolution in film that began with end of silent films and sound synchronized film, and then the first ever talking film.
celebrated ideas such as consumerism, new fashions, and romance, all themes that advertisers would use.
led to a national popular culture that fueled consumerism.
the characters actors displayed caused young people to emulate the lifestyle they portrayed on and off screen.
Video about early cars:
Effects of Consumerism
received criticism
aided the coming recession
more demand- created more jobs
kept underground speakeasies in business
aided the growth of the entertainment industry
gave people time and money for leisure activities
was started by the Temperance Movement
they believed that alcohol was evil, dangerous and destructive.
in the 20th century The Anti-Saloon league came to dominate the movement
only when the league held a significant number of offices in the government could the prohibition laws be passed.
Passing Prohibition
Prohibition was passed in 1920
The people still wanted their booze
after the passing of prohibition the people needed a way to get their alcohol
this became the job of the mafia
it was with prohibition that organized crime became truly organized
there is no more notorious crime boss then Al Capone
Al Capone
Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1899
he was no stranger to the crime world
he was a part of the five points gang
He moved to Chicago when he was twenty to work for Johnny Torrio as his body guard
He quickly rose in the ranks and by the mid twenties he had taken it over
"Prohibition is the father of the modern gangster and boot legging is his life blood." - Gangland
Prohibition provided a business opportunity and the gangs took it.
The annual turn over for liquor at this time is $550,000,000
They did not just keep all this money for themselves
Al Capone was the first to open a soup kitchen in Chicago.
Speakeasies allowed people to listen to music, drink alcohol, and dance
Sung by Helen Kane
Music from the 20's is still well-known today
Jazz music helped create the cultural shift into a more consumerist based society
People had more money so they spent it on going to clubs to see jazz musicians play and flapper dance
Jazz and Consumerism
Spent money on new 'stylish' clothing in order to fit in with the new, more sexual era

We decided to use the visual representation of a compass because we are looking at the moral compass of the people during the 20's. Their morals are being tested with all the push and pull between conforming or
We decided to use the visual representation of a compass because we are looking at the moral compass of the people during the 20's. Their morals are being tested with all the push and pull between conforming or resisting the old social norms. The 20's were a pivotal time in U.S history because of all these changes.
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