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Heart of a Winner: YFC Talk - Mission Month

No description

Rhon Padua

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Heart of a Winner: YFC Talk - Mission Month

of a Winner

Having a Loser's Heart
Having a Winner's Heart
How to have a Winner's heart
A Loser wears a lot of masks to hide his true situation

"I am holy"

"I am tough"

"I can handle it all"
A loser does not have passion for life
A loser accepts
defeat easily
1. You are a son/daughter of the Lord; therefore Satan has NO power over you.
2. You are a YFC member. Live out the covenant.
3. Be proud of who you are. Don't aspire to become someone you're not.
4. Face your problems and be humble enough to ask for help when you need it.
5. Do not pretend that you can do everything on your own.
6. Be yourself and get rid of your masks.
Dealing with basic issues
Acknowledging and overcoming areas of weakness
1. Surround yourself with things that nourish and encourage you in faith.
2. Victory is contagious. Be around winners.
3. Cultivate a happy environment. Decide to be happy and own the happiness.
Going for victory
1. Even when you have all or nothing, the winner takes it all.
2. Strive for excellence in everything.
3. Every situation in your life is an opportunity to win.
4. Believe in your work.
5. Trust in the Lord - He placed you in that situation now because He knows you can handle it.
When David overcame his giant, he added glory to his father's name. The way we live our lives reflect on how victorious our Father in heaven is. We too can overcome our 'giants' and give glory to our Father's name. Let us claim victory in our lives. We have a God who has given everything for us. Let us everyday live our lives with a winner's heart.
Guide Questions
1. Which aspect of your life needs to have a posture of a winner's heart?

2. What are the actions you are taking to overcome this?
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