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Final Assignment - UGF

Professor Cintia Rabello

Fabiana Philomeno

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Final Assignment - UGF

Ensino de Língua Inglesa e Uso de novas tecnologias Fabiana Philomeno Geraldo I love technology and I use it all the time at home. In this module, I learned how to use technology to encourage the learning process and make the language taught more meaningful to learners. I believe my classes have improved a lot since I started using different tools with learners. The results are clear: students are more motivated and even writing activities, which were considered boring tasks before, are accomplished and approved by them on Facebook groups now. Technology needs to be used as a tool to enable learning and to do so, we, as teachers, need to be prepared to deal with it. Keeping updated and trying different things is essential. However, this is not only the teachers’ obligation. The school has to be not only prepared for the technologies but also give teachers and learners all the support needed.
After realizing how technology can be useful in and outside the classroom, I plan on using it whenever possible to enrich my classes.
Using social networks, new softwares and tools, such as blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Glogster and so many others to prepare them to be successful people living in a technological world. The greatest secret of success is teaching and learning at the same time. Finally, I would like to mention that everything I have seen in this module helped me improving my classes and motivating my students. The use of technology in class was definitely a turning point in my career. Special thanks to Professor Cíntia Rabello for sharing with us all the content possible throughout this course. Even though there is a long way ahead, the first step is always the most important and she is responsible for it. /fabianaphilomeno fabianaphilomeno@gmail.com
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