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Using Videoscribe

No description

Devrim Ozdemir

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Using Videoscribe

Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning
Lecture Presentations
Contiguity Principle
Video Scribing
(Whiteboard Animation)

Presented by Devrim Ozdemir, Ph. D.
Multimedia Principle
Video Scribing (Whiteboard Animation)
People learn better when corresponding words and pictures are presented near rather than far from each other in time or on the screen.
People learn better from word and pictures
rather than from words alone.
Modality Principle
People learn better from words and pictures when words are spoken rather than printed.
Instructional Videos
Instructor Introduction Videos
Self-Paced Video Tutorials
Video Scribe Tools
First Encounter with Video Scribes
Videoscribed Version
Original Version
Free Video scribing
Document Camera
Board markers
A video editing tool like Adobe After Effects
A good friend with a lot of spare time and artistic skills if you do not have any skills like me.
Third-party Services
Ydraw.com and Truescribe.com (According to forum rumors their price range from $500 to $3000 per an hour of labor.
Do-it-yourself with a third-party software
Sparkol.com (videoscribe)
$25 per month or $189 per year or $520 forever.
P.S. Some companies also use the same software and charge for the work.
Learner Demands
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