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Food Web Diagram

The Everglades-The engery flow of an ecosystem full of life.

leandra Wilkerson

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Food Web Diagram

Food Web Diagram
leandra Wilkerson
October 21, 2012
Hyacinth Food Web Diagram For the instructor:
Thank you for the opportunity to be in your class. Plants, Marshes and bogs
of the Everglades is
comprised of more than 100
marsh species. living in
water the base of food webs
alge float on mats or just
below the water's surface. The larger mammals the Florida Panther and the American Alligator which feeds on smaller mammals like the white tailed deer and racoon Decomposers or saprotrophs, are the bacteria, fungi, and worms that live in the soil of the Everglades ecosystem. The soil alone can contain 52 million bacterial cells. The smaller mammals birds, frogs, and insects which feed on the plant life and the smaller fish in the bog and marshes which are rich in nutrients sustaining the whooping crane, spoonbill and eastern mud turtle. Aquatic mammals which use the marshes and wetland tree islands for homes, feed on the fish namely grass carp these mammals are the indian manatee and bottlenosed dolphin. A non native to the Everglades the Bermese python which are the result of owners who no longer want them have populated the ecosystem of the everglades. already posing a threat to the ecossytem. The python has aleady endangered the species of everglades. Reports have included the python eating
alligators, deer and other smaller mammals.
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