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The Giver Poems

No description

Ethan Le

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of The Giver Poems

Haiku - Theme
Controlled , no freedom
Like a bird that has been caged
Hiding the choices
Diamante - Setting
Controlled Confined
Controlling Ordering Choosing
Controls like a king
Trapping Shielding Hiding
Ordered Chosen
Table Of Contents
Slide 1 - Haiku - Theme
Slide 2 - Diamante - Setting
Slide 3 - Tanka -Character - Jonas
Slide 4 - Cinquain - Conflict
Slide 5 - Ballad - Plot
Cinquain - Conflict
Traveling far
Hiding from searching planes
Starving, Freezing, from the unknown

Tanka - Character - Jonas
He has the courage
Integrity to confess
Wisdom he will gain
Intelligence at the top
Jonas is the receiver
Ballad - Plot
A place of peace
with no death but release
It controls and keeps choices away
To keep the utopia alive for another day

The Giver and the Receiver hold memories of the past
so the community's peace will last
Learning new things from the Giver
changes the life of the Receiver

The Receiver makes a choice
so everyone has a voice
He goes far and wide
and finds a sled that is his ride

The End
Thank you for reading
The Giver Poems
By Ethan Le
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