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Frankenstein Sociogram

Character relationships in Frankenstein

Cullen Stileski

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Frankenstein Sociogram

Victor Frankenstein Protagonist
Feels guilty
Wants revenge
Dies to sickness on the boat Son Father Alphonse Frankenstein Sympathetic Friends Beaufort Merchant Caroline Beaufort Adopted by the Frankensteins
Dies of Scarlet Fever Married Father Daughter Mother Son The Monster Shunned by society Elizabeth Lavenza Orphan
Murdered Daughter Father Cousins/Lovers Creates Henry Clerval Cheerful
Kills Best Friends Justine Moritz Adopted by the Frankensteins
Found with William's locket
Grew up together Brothers William Frankenstein Murdered
Kills Blamed for
Murder Robert Walton Captain Helps hunt the Monster Confesses guilt for his actions Margaret Saville Brother/Sister Receives letters from Walton M. Waldmen Ignores Victor's studies
Sympathizes with his interest in science Professor of Chemistry M. Krempe Believes that Victor's studies are a waste of time Professor of Natural Science Watches Felix Killes Poor
Attacks Frankenstein when he approaches De Lacey De Lacey Exiled from France for Treason
Blind Father Son Agatha Poor Brother Sister Father Daughter Safie Turkish
Father falsely accused and executed Lovers Approaches M. Kirwin Irish Magistrate Accuses of
Henry's Death
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