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Lorena Berrocal

on 25 April 2013

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LORENA BERROCAL DOCUMENT A: Magna Carta, Expert of Primary Source 1. How did religion influence the Magna Carta? Religion influenced the Magna Carta by the Church. The church was the controller of pretty much everything, and what the church said it was done.

2. How did the Magna Carta limit the power of King John? Magna Carta limited the power of King John by not letting him do what ever he wanted. Also by letting him know that everyone has to go threw a trial or a jury duty to know if that person is guilty or not.

3. How did the Magna Carta lay the foundation for democracy? The Magna Carta lay the foundation for democracy saying that no one can be taken to the prison or can be called guilty without have a jury duty. DOCUMENT B: Treatise Written to a Devout Man, Excerpt from Primary Source 1. How much influence do you think pastors had on society during the Middle Ages in Europe? Explain. I think that they had very little influence during the Middle Ages in Europe because they where like the assistance of the priest. I believe that the people believed more in the pope, the church.

2. What is the mixed life? A mixed life is someone who have charge and superiority over other men or women, for to teach and govern them, both as to their bodies and as to their souls, and principally to animate and guide them in the performance of the deeds of mercy both corporal and spiritual towards their Christian brethren.

3. To lead the mixed life, do you think a prelate or pastor would spend time in a monastery? Explain. Yes, I do think that the pastor would spend time in a monastery because they where like the teachers to the people who went to the Church to learn about how they can get to a better spiritual stay in their life. DOCUMENT C: Joan of Arc, Painting How does this painting show the influence of religion on politics? This painting shows the influence of religion on politics by the flags that she is holding. Her flag shows people with angels and holding books.

Do you think the painter of this picture viewed Joan of Arc as a heroine? Explain. Yes, I do think that the picture is of Joan of Arc as a heroine because she looks happy and very armored like she has won something and taking her victory picture.

How does this painting combine the style of the ancient Greeks and Roman artists with that of the artists of the Middle Ages? Give examples. This painting combine both the style of the ancient Greeks and Roman artists with the artists of the Middle Ages by, showing that she is wearing a type of solider armor, and roman by the images on the flags she is holding. DOCUMENT E: Feudalism in Europe, Graphic Do you think the social standing of merchants during the Middle Ages helped or hurt the economy? Explain. I think that the social standing of merchants during the Middle Ages helped the economy because they worked by themselves, and where they were located they could get more buyers.

Do you think church officials had a large amount of influence in the feudal system? Explain. Yes, I do think the church officials had a large amount of influence in the feudal system because like the church owned most of the lands and the king ruled over that land, it didn't really make it their land.

In the feudal system, do you think knights ever felt conflicting loyalties? Explain. Yes, because in exchange of what they done they got more land and maybe the king or nobles wanted more and asked why they also have to share it with the knights. "In what ways did religion and economic influence the development of medieval Europe and Japan?" During the 900s and 100s the economic system, and the view of religion has changed in Europe. For Europe the religion they had the Magna Carta made, the economic was that they lost a lot of money when King John was in power and by the war they had with France. In Japan the economics had a good and bad time. Like they traded with China it really depended with the political relations at the time.

The religion had a powerful out come in Europe. The church started to make universities, they owned more land, they also created the Magna Carta.
What is the Magna Carta you may ask. Well the Magna Carta is a card that the nobles wrote and got help from the battle with the French to tell the king that he has to stop taking advantage of the nobles.
The king needed support from the nobles, and the only way that he was going to get support was that he had to sign the Magna Carta; stating that he won't abuse his power over the nobles.

The economic also help with the development of medieval Europe. They started to get more knights, for more security. Also they build more structures, and cathedrals. The Europeans started to trade as well. For the Europeans the economic went very well. The Merchants and the Artisans had the hardest nob of all because they were the ones who went out and traded with other countries and actually did the handcrafts that they sold.

In Japan the economic was good but not so good like in Europe. Japan only traded with China in the time. They traded depending on their political relations. When Japan was with the Mongol raids the trade had to stop for a while. In religion the one who control where the Shogun. The Shogun ruled the whole empire like the Europeans. Like the Churches in Europe what the Shogun said was done.

In conclusion for Europe both religion and economy influenced the making of Medieval Europe. Religion by the Church have the power over the country and economy by how the trade made Europe more richer. For Japan the same thing happened in Europe. They started to trade and went well for them; and in religion their country was also ruled by the Shogun (like a pope in Europe).
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