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Muddy River Distillery Growth Plan

No description

Jonathan Hill

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of Muddy River Distillery Growth Plan

Question #9
Question #4
Leverage the CRM to organize key sales tasks and develop demand generating accounts.
Muddy River Distillery - Strategic Growth Plan
Key Business Challenges
Low demand relative to capacity resulting in low production utilization
Large geographical sales area with numerous unstructured accounts resulting in an over utilization of limited sales resources
Narrow product portfolio limiting accessible market size
No established Brand Image and an undistinguished bottle design resulting in lack of Shelf Presence
Market Examination
Macro-Level Analysis
Critical Risks
Implementation and Ops Strategy
Shervin Ejlali, Kyle Fox, Jonathan Hill
The New Business Roadmap
Develop comprehensive customer relationship management system
Key Element #1:
The New Business Roadmap
Increase product offerings in both variety and sizes to maximize the effectiveness of sales calls, increase utilization, and access new markets
Key Element #2:
The New Business Roadmap
Launch a series of marketing campaigns targeted to demand generating accounts in line with preferred segments and tied to a single purchasing account.
Key Element #3:
The New Business Roadmap
Reinvent product branding to create cross product synergies and tie into existing customer sentiments
Key Element #4:
Marketing & Brand Management
The Rebirth of a Brand
Revenue Model
Key Financial Assumptions:
Estimated Fixed costs for infrastructure (bottler/labeler)
Estimated demand for new rum products based on current market penetration for the white rum
Estimated demand for vodka based on current vodka demand (US)
Straight line 10yr depreciation @ 8% for the stills.
Dramatic marketing spend increase with the hopes of driving demand.
In order of revenues, liquor sales for each type of liquor ranks as follows:
Cognac, Cordials, Liqueurs
Market Examination
Micro-Level Analysis
The New Business Roadmap
Improve bottling and labeling to create shelf presence in line with new branding
Key Element #5:
We approached the customer segments in terms of their "drinking experience"
Implementation and Ops Strategy
Timeline of key events and milestones:
Implementation and Ops Strategy
Critical Ops Issues (future):

Know thy Market, Know thy Customer
A focused promotional campaign that allows for measurable results and compounding marketing effort. Much like how a pirate might attack one ship at a time.
On The Marketing Campaign
Brands & Pricing
Know Your Accounts
Financial Statement 2013
Financial Summary
- Market Based Pricing
- NC Historical Connections
North Carolina has a rich history of pirates. A Pirate knows his Rum and rum drinkers love pirates... Embrace It!
Down The Gullet
What are they doing?
How are they responding?
Entry of new distilleries
Brandy Producer
Shift in market behavior
Shifts in regulations
Risk Mitigation
Queen Anne's
White & Flavored Rum
Building a strong and consistent brand and pricing structure that creates barriers to entry and limits competition.
Formalize relationships with all key partners to build accountability and trust. Ensure understanding and common acceptance of mutually beneficial terms and conditions.
Name of Blackbeard's ship found off the coast of NC. Below is his flag which should tie into bottle labeling.
Queen Anne's Reserve
Spiced Rum
Monitor environmental shifts by seeking continuous feedback and engaging with customer segments. Network with other distilleries and key political figures to facilitate lobby for favorable regulations.
Rumored to be the name of Blackbeard's private Captain's stock from the ship during his active pirating years
Edward Teach's Bearded Brandy
Real name of Blackbeard who was rumored to be a passionate brandy drinker during his final years in NC.
Aristocrats had a strong influence on early NC history and they knew how to drink with class. This made their ships popular with local pirates.
Drinking with Class
Queen Charlotte's Reserve
Aged Dark Rum
Sir Walter Raleigh
An adventurous rogue known for being, among many things, an explorer, an aristocrat, and a spy. This gentleman's passion may have been driven by his ravenous lust for vodka (or so we hear).
Premium Vodka
Named for the beloved Queen City, a veritable hornet's nest of class, this fine spirit is handcrafted and aged in our charred oak barrels. Like the Queen herself, this rum is classy, sophisticated, and timelessly elegant.
Source: www.IBISWORLD.com
Salesforce.com CRM
Salesforce.com CRM
Bring in an SF.com consultant/developer to setup custom forms and fields
Consultants Estimates:
40 hours @ $50/hour
Total : $2000
Key Accomplishments thus far:
Licenses/Permits in place, NC & SC
Aged Dark Rum ready to sell (almost)
3 Operational Stills
2 Full-Time dedicated owner/operators
New facility close to complete
Whats Next?
Salesforce.com CRM
Register and setup an account at www.saleforce.com with a "Group" type account.
A well designed CRM is process driven and scalable. You should be able to pass out sales tasks and manage your team of one or one hundred with ease, just like a ship's captain... Arrr
Know who you are, and make sure everyone else does!
We Are:
Muddy River Distillery
Makers of Fine, Quality Spirits such as
Voice of The People
We conducted a detailed survey to better understand the customer. This covered topics from liquor preferences to pricing.
Queen Charlotte's Reserve
an artisan rum, handcrafted in North Carolina
Question #2
Rank the following liquors in terms of your preference:
Question #3
Rank the following in how they influence your liquor purchase decisions:
Rank the following types of rums based on your preference:
Question #5
Assuming price per ounce is equal, which bottle size would you prefer?
Question #6
Have you ever sampled a new liquor specifically because it was available in a 1.5 oz Mini-Bottle?
Question #12
Reason for Purchasing Carolina Rum
Question #14
If Muddy River Distillery were to offer a premium, aged rum, what would you be comfortable paying for that product?
Question #15
If Muddy River Distillery were to begin producing other types of liquor, which would you be most likely to purchase:
Question #13
What price would you be comfortable paying for the bottle of Carolina Rum (pictured above)?
Question #7
Were you aware that you could purchase locally produced liquors from the ABC store?
Question #8
Would you be interested in purchasing locally produced liquors?
Question #11
What are your initial thoughts on Carolina Rum (pictured above)
Question #10
Would you be willing to answer five more questions to give your feedback on a new, locally owned distillery?
Would you be willing to pay more for locally produced liquors?
Question #1
Where do purchase most of your liquor?
Leasing arrangements in the future?
If production increases dramatically will power and water be included in the rent?
Increase Allotment in the NC ABC Warehouse? When? How Much?
Capital Investment in a Bottler/Labeler?
Train a Master Distiller? Apprentice? Hired Hands?
"The label needs work..."
"The bottle looks rather cheap..."
"I'd probably skip over it when first scanning through the other rums."
"I'd like to support it simply because its local, as long as it's a quality product."
"Low budget..."
"...South Carolina or just name?"
"The product does not have a brand standard that is easily recognizable..."
"What makes a "Carolina" rum? Is that just the name or is it a type?"
"...very plain bottle and the label is...underwhelming..."
"Needs rebranding..."
"...would not stand out to me on a shelf..."
"Looks like typical clear rum."
"Bottle is a little plain..."
"It doesn't stand out..."
"Packaging is bland. I would probably not notice it in the store."
"Bottle doesn't look like a rum bottle, and the label is very bland."
Fast Forward...
Financial Statement 2015
and our rich portfolio of pirate approved libations, fit for the most noble of rogues
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