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This is a tutorial to Delicious made for ODU's LIBS 605 class.

Stefany Guido

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Delicious

By Stefany Guido and Nicole Glaser What Delicious Looks Like Classroom Example
What is Delicious?

Delicious is a free web 2.0 software available online that allows you to save and organize links, photos, and videos that you have found online.

Users are able to download a tool that places a delicious icon in their toolbar, so that while they are searching online they can simply save the page
with one click. How They Got Started Delicious was founded in 2003, but it was soon bought from Yahoo by AVOS. It has since been rebuilt and relaunched in 2011. About According to their site information page their new mission is focused
on curation and discovery. Different Uses When you have a link that you want to save, you simply click add link at the top of the Delicious screen. Then you copy the link into the box. You can also add links from the toolbar app.

This app allows you to download Delicious to your internet toolbar and when you are on a page that you want to save, you simply click this button. Delicious Toolbar App What the toolbar app looks like. Once you've added the link you want to save (or pressed the toolbar app) you are brought to a page where you are asked to fill out a series of identifying characteristics about the link. This will make the link easier to find when you're looking through your Delicious account.

Use the tags to make searching easier! You can even create tags that will stand out among the others. For example, use proper names, places, etc. when you tag. It will save you and others searching for
your tags time and energy. Cons Unlike other social bookmarking
sites like Pinterest, there are no visuals on
Delicious. Text-only bookmarks might make it
harder for younger learners to navigate.

The standard bookmarking tool Delicious users install on their web browser takes the reader away from the website they are bookmarking and bring them to the Delicious site. This can be time consuming. Newer bookmarking sites
use a pop up window. When you log on, the DISCOVER page shows you a feed of links that have been recently saved using Delicious. You can also click the NETWORK tab where you are able to view the different feeds of people that you follow on Delicious (this way you can easily share links with friends and colleagues). You can also click the REMEMBER tab, and this will bring you to a page where you are able to view all your saved links. One great feature of Delicious is the ability to tag your links. This makes it easy to organize and categorize the different items that you have saved.

You can also create tag bundles that allow you to group frequently use tags into one big category. This allows you to easily access links that all pertain to one subject. Pros Because Delicious is easy to navigate, the educational benefits are plentiful. Teachers and students can create accounts and bookmark websites of interest. Classroom Example For example, teachers can use Delicious to bookmark ideas for lessons, staff development, and classroom management. They can tag websites to help simplify future searches Educators' Examples Need more help? Teacher Tube and WashTechBytes have made two great tutorials on how to use Delicious in the classroom Classroom Example Delicious in action TeacherTube WashTechBytes Tools The Delicious tools are concise, but detailed. To access the tools,
users click on the
? tab Recap? Example of Teacher Pages A teacher has bookmarked a site about frog dissection to prepare her class for the lab. Much like a flipped classroom, the students will consult the sources before coming to the class to complete the dissection. Example of Teacher Pages Here, a teacher has tagged some websites on the Harlem Renaissance. When her students go to do their research, she has provided good, credible sources for them to peruse. This will also make it easier for them to cite sources later. If they will be creating their own Delicious account, she has successfully modeled the format. Want to get started today? Here's your to do list!
1. Go to https://delicious.com/ and create a
free account.
2. Type in a search term or click DISCOVER
and find some sites that fit your needs.
3. Click on the + sign and add the link to your page. Tag the link with detailed terms, your class name, last name, unit, etc.
4. Create a bookmark on your internet browser. That way you can add a link to your Delicious account, even if you are not logged in- or even on the same computer! Start here: https://delicious.com/#tools
5. Share your page with students and other teachers. The more you build up your NETWORK, the more good sites you will be exposed to. Want to see what sites you've bookmarked? Click on REMEMBER. Want to see particular topics you've bookmarked? type in: #(topic) and it will pull up any of the sites you've marked.
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