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Globalization Issues

No description

Jared Wagenknecht

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Globalization Issues

Globalization Issues
1. Population

2. Resource

3. Economic

4. Conflict
World Population Growth
1 billion- 1804 (over 500,000 yrs)
2 billion- 1927 (123 yrs)
3 billion- 1960 (33 yrs)
6 billion- 2000 (40 yrs)
9 billion- 2050 (50 yrs)
Shared Technology
to large cities
or other countries
population growth means more people
will have to share limited resources.
Carrying Capacity:
All land can only support so many animals.
The amount of animals that land has the resources to support is called the carrying capacity.
Thomas Malthus:
Human population is only able to increase up to a certain carrying capacity.
Once the carrying capacity is reached there will be a dramatic decrease in population until it is below the carrying capacity again.
Why shared tech. causes growth:
Increased life expectancy
Decreased infant deaths
People are connected through the
limited resources they share.
What does this have to do with globalization?
Global Impact
people not only share all resources
but also the problems with these resources.
Shared Problem: Ex.Global Warming
1. What is the name of the group
of top scientists that has been
responsible for investigating
climate change?
2. How much CO2 was in the
atmosphere before the industrial
revolution vs. now?
3. How much more CO2
will be added in the next
50 years?
4. Over the past 670,000 years
what temperature trend is seen
when CO2 levels increase?
5. According to the IPCC,
what are they 90% certain caused
the temperature increases in the
last 50 yrs?
Pulling it all together:
For past 500,000 yrs, when CO2 increases, temp. increases.
The past 50 years are the warmest in the last 1300 yrs and have extremely high CO2 levels from human activity.
The increase in temperature and CO2 can’t be accounted for by natural variations.
Climate vs. Weather
Weather= short term patterns.
Climate= long term weather patterns.
Global Warming deals with
changes in climate (climate change).
Impact of lending
Global Supply Chains:
Goods are assembled and sold all over the world.
The world's fastest growing economies.
Not everyone has benefited from economic integration.
Cyber warfare
Sources of Conflict
2 major changes in the balance of world power.
#1: Fall of the Soviet Union
People and countries no longer have to be
allied with one of two world powers.
Creates a more complex system of international interests as countries follow more of their own interests than the interest of the US or the USSR.
#2: 9/11 attacks
"Asymmetric enemies" rather than traditional enemies such as other countries.
Shows that individuals and small groups are capable of threatening traditional powers (national governments).
Not all racial and people groups get along.
Not everyone likes globalization.
Globalization involves the mixing of cultures and ideas.
Driven by capitalism, a lot of western culture has mixed with a little of other cultures around the world.
Many people do not wish to see their traditional way of life replaced and have reacted in peaceful and violent ways.
Nuclear Proliferation
(the spread of nuclear weapons)
Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT)
Signed by most countries.
Countries without nukes will not try to get them.
Countries with nukes will not pass them along to other countries.
No one will use nukes unless they are attacked by nukes.
Problems with WMDs
Currently over 20,000 nuclear weapons.
Small weapons can do alot of damage.
How do you track & protect ALL dangerous
materials and knowledge?
Global Problems
5. Government
2008 Elections:
Avg. winner spent over $1.3 million
Avg. loser spent less than $500,000
It is difficult for governments to deal with
problems that extend beyond their borders.
Businesses based in several different countries.
Wal-Mart and Exon-Mobile are bigger
than 75 of the world's 100 largest economies.
Why are MNCs a challenge for traditional governments?
Many are more wealthy than entire countries!
A country can only control the parts of business that are inside its borders.
Debt to other countries
+ Lending puts money in more people's hands instead of bank vaults.
+This allows more money to be spent.
- More people are exposed to risk. (if loans can't be paid back)
How is globalization challenging the roles and responsibilities of traditionally powerful nation-states?
An area of land that is controlled by people or groups within its own borders.
United Kigdom
More money means more power!
What are the causes and effects of...
population growth/decline
the movement of people
How has globalization impacted the availability of resources and what has been the effect of the way that resources are being used?
What are the positive and negative impacts of...
the flow of goods and money between countries and people around the world.
What are the causes/effects of conflict and ways that it is being carried out in the globalized world?
Who carries conflict out?
trying to keep parts of society, government or businesses from working properly.
stealing important/useful information.
using information to shape public opinions in positive or negative ways.
Conflict that uses or targets the internet or electronic networks.
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