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All About Me

GLE Culminating

Naomi Coffey

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of All About Me

I am Left Brained
I like to follow rules
and read instructions
I need order and logical steps
I think in a linear fashion
I am also Right Brained
I like to knit and do
arts and crafts
but I normally need a pattern
(that is the left brain taking over again!)
I sometimes find working in
groups difficult.
I can often be caught daydreaming
I am a visual Learner
graphs and charts
help me learn
I need to see the person
when they are talking
I write everything down
I use a calendar/agenda
to stay organized
I have a strong Kinesthetic
I play a lot of sports
which means I have good
hand to eye coordination
I need to keep my hands busy
when sitting for a long period of time.
-knitting, computer, etc. help
I tap my fingers when thinking
I have a strong Logical/Mathematical
I love working with numbers
and doing puzzles
I find remembering
steps to long mathematical
questions easy
I am good with directions
and can normally find my way
in a strange place
I also have a lot of naturalistic
I do my best thinking and problem
solving when walking
I care about the environment and
make my family recycle everything we can!
I like to walk in the ravine and
My strengths are:
verbal reason
receptive language - reading
My needs are:
written expression
short term memory

I was born in Trenton, ON
on February 23, 1977
Mrs. Coffey
I went to St. Peter's Elemetary School
and St. Paul's Catholic Secondary
I graduated in 1996!
I went to Lakehead University in
Thunder Bay, Ontario
I was in the Concurrent Education
Program (B.A. and B.ed. at same time)
I majored in History
I minored in Math
I graduated in 2000 and
was hired to teach at
St. Paul's Catholic Secondary!
Then I taught at Boren-Sino
(China-Canadian) School in
Jiangmen China 2003-2004
Finally, I ended up in Georgetown
teaching at Christ the King - where
I still am today!!!
I was married on July 7, 2007 (7/7/7) to
Peter Coffey (who was born and raised in
I have two wonderful children
Jacob Victor Robert Coffey
Born: August 27, 2008
He is now 4 years old!
And Gordon Peter Francis Coffey
Born: September 2, 2010
He is now 2 years old.
Who Am I As A
When I returned from China, I moved to
Kingston, ON, where I taught at
Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School for two years.
2004 - 2006
It was here that I started teaching GLE
I need to use the computer to type my work.
I use a lot of memory aid to help remember important things
In Conclusion
I need to stay busy and find non-distracting way to focus when sitting for long periods of time.
Seeing information and writing/typing it helps me stay focused and to remember!
Thank you for letting me Share
with you!

By knowing who I am and how I learn I was able to be successful in school and now in life!
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