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Lauren Mitchell

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Biotechnology

Advantages & Disadvantages of Biotechnology
Uses of Biotechnology
Use of Science
Use of Science
Biotechnology is used in the Health Care Area to create products to treat diseases, & develop new cures.
Biotechnology is used in Agriculture to make insect repellant crops and to have dairy cows produce more milk.Biotechnology has increased yield in crops and lower production cost.
Biotechnology is helping the environment by creating environment safe products and enchaining bacteria to clean up toxic waste.Also helping the Environment by growing better crops.
Forensic Science:
Forensic science uses Biotechnology DNA profiling while trying to solve a crime or to help identify people using skin fragments.
Allergic reactions.

biotechnology crops are usually higher in price.

health risks.
Reduces the use of pesticides.

Gene Therapy can help cue and treat genetic diseases.

Crops are better quality = farmers make more money.
The FDA and the EPA are the companies that think of and regulate the rules and regulations of biotechnology.
We the people are ultimately responsible for the decisions made on biotechnology, because we are suppose to tell our representatives what to do so the representatives would say what we demand in government.

What is biotechnology you may ask? Biotechnology is technology used to improve living things. This is used to enhance living things by adding some type of antibiotic or hormone. Mutations can sometimes occur and they can be helpful, harmful, or do nothing.
Points of View
The exploitation of biological process for
industrial and other purposes, especially
the manipulation of genetics of
microorganisms to enhance or add
antibiotics or hormones.

To make this definition easier for people to read and understand, it should be put into words that are more commonly used words that people would know and understand

You need to research and insert viewpoints of three different people or organizations (find views which are for, against, and undecided).

1. Beyond Borders- “The Bio tech companies are prepared for the rapidly changing economy”

2. Clean tech- “Bio tech continues to drive the global transformation toward a more resource efficient economy.”

3. Financial Services- Biotechnology and Medical Devices, reached $2.5 billion in 195 deals for the second quarter of 2014
In conclusion, Biotechnology has helped humans drastically. Biotechnology will continue to help humans and other things such as crops for many years. Biotechnology has both advantages and disadvantages. It has risk but also a great reward.
From this presentation, you can see the very different opinions based on biotechnology. Also, the advantages, (Such as making corn immune to certain pests), or the disadvantages,
Points of View Videos
1. http://www.uu.edu/Unionite/fall01/biotechnology.htm
They are for biotechnology they think the advantages are worth the disadvantages.
2. http://brownfieldagnews.com/2014/04/04/biotech-good-bad/
They are for it because biotechnology can improve crops.
3. http://theconversation.com
They are against biotechnology because it could be used to create new deadly diseases.
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