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Autumn Term Theme

No description

Stephanie Jones

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Autumn Term Theme

Medium Term Planning
Week 1 01.09.14
Week 2 - 08.09.14
Week 3 - 15.09.14
Week 4 - 22.09.14
Week 5 - 29.09.14
Week 6 06.10.14
Week 7 13.10.14
Autumn Term Theme
Dig Up The Past!
Art and Design Medium Term Planning
Reviews his work and modifies it when needing to do so
Uses a range of materials and methods to make and develop images based on observation, experience, imagination and ideas
Applies their understanding of visual, tactile and sensory qualities to their work

Explore Celtic Art- patterns/shapes

Design Technology Medium Term Planning
Selects and uses appropriate tools and utensils
Develops ideas for products and considers sustainability
They produce functional products
When designing and making they gather ideas independently and use it to help generate ideas

Design and make a Roman Mosaic
Design and Make a Roman Shield/Weaponry

LNF Skills

Geography Medium Term Planning
Presents information and ideas using some geographical terms
Starting to explain human and geographical features of different localities and how and why places are different
Shows knowledge and understanding of places, environments and issues at more than one scale

Celtic and Roman Settlements in Wales and UK- use google earth
Create a tour using Google Earth with specific Roman, Celtic settlements

LNF Skills
History Medium Term Planning
Select, organises and communicates historical information in a variety of ways
Start to produce structured work making appropriate use of times and dates
Identifies different ways in which the past is represented
Beginning to select and combine information from historical sources to support a historical enquiry
Describe some of the main events people and changes
Gives some causes and consequences of the main events and changes and starting to make links
Uses their knowledge of History to describe the characteristics of past societies and periods and identify changes with and across periods

Music Medium Term Planning
He makes distinctions within musical elements in describing, comparing and making judgements about different kinds of music
Working with others, he devises and undertakes simple development of musical idea to produce compositions
When singing and playing, they show control of musical elements

Explore Celtic and Roman Music
Write and perform a rap
ICT Medium Term Planning
Uses ICT to select information from a range of given sources
Combines a variety of information and media when creating and developing ideas
Stores and retrieves work independently

Use a word programme to edit and improve writing, saving to the server, printing
Use the iPad technology for Morph booth, websites, create presentation, maths games, comic maker, beebot, fruit ninja, temple run,puppet pals

Locates ideas and information on a specific topic from more than one source.
Shows understanding of a particular theme, ideas, events or characters
Refers to text when explaining his views
Writes clearly and legibly and adapts the presentation of his work
Start to use different sentence structures
Begin to use punctuation within the sentence
Spell words which conform to regular patterns accurately
Divides work into paragraphs
Sometimes chooses words for effect
Writes appropriately for the purpose
Uses appropriately some of the features of Standard English
Conveys his opinions clearly including reasons occasionally
Talk is adapted to the purpose
In discussion they listen carefully, asking questions and making contributions that are responsive to others needs and views.

Diary Entries
Recount of trip
Boudicca- retell
Adventure Story
Explanation of how Romans/Celts lived
Design a Roman Village
Morph Booth on iPad
Retell of Stories
Recount of Trip
Roman Recipes- metric conversions
Distances from Roman Villages in Wales- Maps and Scales
Comparisons of Houses and Clothing, Food
Celtic Art
Roman/Celtic Battles
News articles about events
Diary entries about Daily Life
Legacy of the Romans
Cooperates with others and observes the conventions of fair play, equality and appropriate conduct.
Chooses and applies skills and ideas that are increasingly relevant to the activity and showing increasing efficiency and effectiveness
Shows improved coordination and control across a range of activities
Can sustain performance over a period of time
Shows some understanding of the importance of physical activity to health, fitness and well being.

Tag Rugby
Planning and Communication
Organises findings by using relevant scientific language and displays these using bar charts, tables and simple line graphs
Follows the planned method making amendments where necessary
Decides upon some basic Success Criteria
Uses Scientific Vocabulary and Skills to predict outcomes

Developing and Reflecting
Links what they have learned to similar situations
Describes how they have learned and what worked best
Decides whether the method was successful by referring to the Success Criteria
Uses some scientific knowledge and understanding to describe their findings and differences between them

When expressing opinions they can give reasons
Presents information and talks about some experiences
Reads familiar passages with intonation and expression
Responds to texts by referring to significant details
Writes linked sentences showing some grasp of order and progression
uses suitable vocabulary and phrases varying patterns

Gwaith Gareddau
Create Fact file
Personal presentation
Hwb- Celtiau a Romanaidd
Harri Morgan - Pecyn Newydd

RE Medium Term Planning

Weekly Evaluation
Week Evaluation
Literacy- Children enjoyed creating a new chapter of the BFG. Objectives were met. Begun using green pens in plenary for reflection, children reminded to respond to feedback and marking.
Maths - Planned for whole numbers for HA and gave them decimals as an extension. LA need to go over both whole numbers and 1 place decimals.
Topic - children had difficulty placing Celtic era on timeline without support. Some of the information needed wasn't available on ipads due to flash player.
Welsh - Children need more practice using the placemats.
RE- Lesson went well, children were able to write a letter to Paul thanking him. HA need to be reminded to include examples of scripture into their writing.
Science - Lesson was left with Supply Teacher
PE - Football lesson was taken by Newport County so I observed in order to replicate the lesson next week when they aren't with us.
Carried over from last week due to external agency delivering lesson.
Carousel Activities carried over from last weeks lesson.
Weekly Evaluation
Literacy- Great discussion from the Boudicca hot seating. I moved it fromt he 1st lesson to the 3rd lesson as I felt the children would have a better understanding of the story and the reasons behind the rebellion. Children need to work on developing reasons in their discussions.
Maths- HA worked well with the decimals. they partitioned and ordered to 2 decimals places. MA needed a little bit of support with their partitioning, LA needed support with their rounding of 3 and 4 digit numbers. Will include this into early morning work to give extra practice for all groups.
Topic - children worked really well on the carousel activities but not all groups completed each activity so will repeat this week. Morpho videos are interesting.
PE - carried out football activities that were introduced by Declan.
RE - Prodigal Son stories took longer than expected so were carried out over 2 lessons.
Science - children spent the day at Tredegar Park so a recount of what happened on the Eco day was written in their books.
Welsh - Children are beginning to use more welsh within all lessons, asking for equipment. More practice is needed for pronunciation and days of the week. Sentence patterns are improving, HA need to extend sentences using bocs bendegedig work
Weekly Evaluation
Literacy- children created good plans using popplet. Need reminders of expectations in terms of puntuation and grammar. Supply teacher did not know story of Boudicca and children did not get much work done during session. Session had to be retaught on Thursday so Literacy plans will continue next week.
Maths - Children are becoming more confident in 2 place decimal place value. Need more practice in rounding to the nearest ten, unit, tenth. Children had NaC where they found out how far Boudicca travelled on her revolt. Need to teach metric conversions as HA struggled with the extension. (brought forward from next week.)
Welsh - taught by supply teacher. Children are expected to use incidental welsh whenever possible. Currently - ga i fynd, ga i diod, ga i ruler
Theme- Due to Y4 assembly moved to next week.
RE- Planning celebration for next weeks assembly.
Science - carried over to next week.
Carried over from last week.
Time will be given to edit and improve stories.

Week 8 - 20.10.14
Week 9 - 03/11/2014
Week 10 - 10/11/14
Week 11 - 17/11/14
Week 12 -24/11/2014
Week 13 - 01/12/14
Week 13 - 08/12/14
Week 15 - 15/12/14
Skills From Incerts
Select, organises and communicates historical information in a variety of ways
Start to produce structured work making appropriate use of times and dates
Identifies different ways in which the past is represented
Beginning to select and combine information from historical sources to support a historical enquiry
Describe some of the main events people and changes
Gives some causes and consequences of the main events and changes and starting to make links
Uses their knowledge of History to describe the characteristics of past societies and periods and identify changes with and across periods

Being taught by Mrs McNiven
Visit to Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon

Activities throughout the day
Roman Baths Museum
Gallery - fact finding activity
Gallery - Mosaic - plan own mosaic
Amphitheatre - Roman Soldier Training and Gladiator Playscript
Gallery - Barrack Room, look at armour, sleeping arrangements
Session with actor - Medicines and how soldiers were treated
Weekly Evaluation
English - As it was assessment week, children completed a recount of the trip to be levelled and marked in place of the planned lessons. These lessons will now continue after half term.
Maths - Use of number line and column method for addition and subtraction was revised. Children became more confident as the week progressed. Mrs McNiven taught volume and said that the children need work on all aspects of multiplication and division as recall wasn't strong and written methods need revising. This is planned for after half term.
RE - taught ordination lesson, completed termly assessment.
Welsh - use of incidental welsh outside of lesson is improving, although prompting is still needed. children planned their presentations. recording will need to take place after half term.
Topic - Children produced a recount of the trip which was completed during English lessons. Mosaics need completing and work adding to topic board.

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