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Mobile Networking

No description

Rahul Chand

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Networking

Risk Management
Social Combat
Social Combat
An exciting new concept in social gaming by IceBreaker
Social combat allows users to meet others within their area and engage with them in competitive gameplay
Product Description
Promotional Periods
Special Offers
User Recommendation Rewards
Social Media
Value Proposition
Social Interaction
Future Development
Market Analysis
Meet new people in your area
Compete against them
Make friends
Incentives for exploration and social engagement
A unique combination of Gameplay and social engagement
Users can locate each other
and then compete in robot battles!
Helps users meet others in their area
Competition used as a way to "break the ice" between strangers
Unique, Social mobile gaming
Compete for game rewards to
improve your character
Prize money can be spent on upgrades
"Experience" rewards for ongoing gameplay
Incentives to keep playing
Target Market
Rewards for making friends and referring new players
Incentives from partners for check-ins or participation
Social media incentives and rewards
Player rewards for socilisation and engagement
Product Risks
Being seen as "one of the crowd in a busy market
Loss of or disruption to service
Game-breaking bugs
Potential Dangers
Emphasis on social nature of the game
Redundant systems to prevent downtime
Testing of new content before releasing
Three main areas of risk
Partner Risk
Finding partners
Retaining partners
Damaging or inappropriate partners
Potential Dangers
Emphasise the benefits and rewards of cooperation
Allow partners to advertise through game or social media
"Good behavior" clauses in partnerships
Player Risks
Attracting players
Long-term customer retention
"Abusive" players trying to cheat the system
Potential Risks
Advertising through social media
Incentives and rewards for continued play
Penalties or even bans for players who cheat or abuse the system
The Strategy
Market Price
Paid App Version
World Wide Release
Constant Updates

Character Choices
- Find players
- Share data
- Initiate battles
- store information
- chat to players
More competitive game play
Emphasise the unique combination of gameplay and social elements

Show how the game can bring people together and how they can be rewarded for social engagement and activities

Partnerships can be used for promotion as well as incentives
Creating colourful and distinct names and designs for the game's characters helps make the game distinctive and recongiseable

Game characters can be used for marketing too!
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