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How to have Flow

No description

Monica Bartkowski

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of How to have Flow

We hope you liked it!!!
Thank you for watching our Prezi!!! Please take our quiz on the website!!!
An example of incorrect flow
My favorite food is pie, pie is good, it is so tasty. When I am asleep, I dream about pie. Sometimes, I put pi on my pie so I can do math while I eat. I really like it. You should try pie because you might like it if you try it. End.
Why the example was incorrect
Fixing the flow on the example
How to have Flow
Not those flows! The Literature version of "flow" is what keeps a piece of writing (articles, journal entries, magazines, books, essays, etc.) smooth, interesting, and grammatically correct. Let's begin with an example of correct and incorrect usage.
There are multiple reasons why the previous example was incorrect. One of the reasons why the example was incorrect was because it remained completely random throughout the paragraph. The second reason it was wrong was it made absolutely no sense at all. However, we will continue on and fix it up.
What is flow?
The Importance of Flow
I know that we have probably bored you to death with boring facts drilled in your head, so now we will explain why this is SO important. For one, it will keep your English Teacher from bugging about how you are "horrible" at writing. Flow also keeps your grammar in check so that you don't sound like someone learning a new language for the first time. Although I finished this slide now, there are several reasons I haven't mentioned, so if in doubt with us, look for them.
Everybody has a favorite food. For some it may be a dessert, a pasta, a salad, even bread! The possibilities are endless. But the one food that I absolutely adore is pie. Some of the reasons why I find pie extravagant is because it tastes wonderful, is related to math, and it comes in variety of different flavors. Why we could argue all day about which flavor is best. Sometimes I have weird dreams that involve pie, but that's not important. Anyway, I hope you try pie, because maybe you will like it. If you don't like pie, then tell me, what is your favorite food.
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