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Blue Jay

This new car gives you everything that you want for less. It has the new powerful engine. It is a great deal.

tata lafa

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Blue Jay

Budget and Cost
The cost of the car is $10,000-$25,000+ depending if you modify it
The budget for the advertisements is $500-$1,000 per 30 sec viewing
The salary per slot that one person gets paid to market this product is $200
The total cost is any where from $10,700-$26,200+
Resources and materials used for this advertisement:
Actions & delivery
Draw in the older teenagers that need a car
We want them to feel cool in their new car
Everyone would think the car is very expensive when it isn't
Make good Money
This car will help you
in style.
Blue Jay
Our target is teenagers (male or female) with their drivers license at the ages of 16-18 whether they buy the car or they convince their parents to buy it.
This advertisement will be placed on the radio. It will also be placed on TV commercials throughout the day on the weekends. We will continue to advertise this product if we see and increase of sales.
TJ will act as the salesman, he will talk about the cost of the car and where you can buy it. Tessa, Abby, and Aleena will try out the car and review it.
This car is to help teenagers feel cool in their new car, while being affordable.
Main messages
Our Product is:
The new and improved car called the

in the dark
Aleena Cross
Abby Klukis
Tessa Petersen
TJ Nef

Justification of actions
Purr words:

The End
Now it is time for the advertisement!
(The 5 types of advertising strategies we used)
Card board box
Colorful paper
Poster board
Our group members

For Real:
T.V. and radio to advertise it on
parking lot
Billboard signs
sales person
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