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Computer Components

No description

Rafael Martinez

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Computer Components

Hardware Components
DATE: September of 2013
CREATED BY: Rafael Martinez-Salas
The motherboard would be like the room in the building; it holds and keeps everything that is in the room together. The motherboard connects the rest of the hardware to be able to work seamlessly together.
Hard Drive/SSD
The actual memory storage of the computer. It would be like a cabinet that holds all the information in a room. Obviously, the better and faster the components are, the more expensive it will be.
Outside of the Computer Case
Modem is a computer component that is used to connect the computer to the internet. The modem is used to connect the computer via LED, radio and telephone channels. Modems, however, sometimes need a router to be able to work because some modems can't connect wirelessly or with a(n) Ethernet cable(s). Routers are used to be able to connect several devices to the internet with one modem.
Keyboards are another crucial part of a computer. Keyboards send information from the buttons pressed on the board to the computer to the monitor over and over. Keyboards, like mice, are quite important for many things, such as short cuts for programs, programming, using the computer and gaming. Companies have mad different keyboards for different preferences. For example, ergonomic keyboards help those how want a really comfortable board to use due to arthritis, prevention of carpal tunnel and comfort. Like all components, keyboards are used for cosmetic and gaming display as well. Some keyboard are specifically for gaming since they might have configurable keys, comfort and customization. Here are a few examples.
Mouses (mice) are a necessary part of a computer. Obviously, most wouldn't care about the mouse they use, but for some a mouse could be as impressive as a computer itself. Mouses range and are different by their DPI (dots per Inch, which is like the speed and precision of the mouse), how many buttons it has, the comfort and ergonomic design of the mouse, if it's wired or wireless (some argue that wired is better since it is faster), and the cosmetic design of the mice. Because, of this gaming mice are usually about $50-$120.
Operating Systems
Operating systems are a fundamental part of the computer. It gives the computer the overall feel of the computer. The OS can make the whole computer work in a fluid motion. Operating systems vary by what people like. For example, people who intend to use computers for musical or artistic work or are looking for a simple OS will tend to go for a computer with the Mac OS. People into gaming, programming, or any person that is looking for a customizable OS usually look at Microsoft's Windows operating systems for the job. However, people who are really into customization, programming, or looking for a free OS tend to look for a Linux OS, usually Ubuntu. Sometimes, people dual-boot their computer with two operating systems to be able to get the best out of both of the OS's. For example, there are "Hackintosh" Mac computers, which have either Windows or Ubuntu dual-booted with them, and there are computers with two or more OS's. Of course, like everything with computers, motherboards, RAM, video cards and CPU's, there are some hardcore fans out there that bash on the competition.
Disc Differences
CDs are commonly used in some software discs and music recordings. DVDs are usually used for videos, big software installation discs, movies or games. Blu-Ray discs are used commonly for games on the PS3 and high-definition movies.
What is Linux?
Some people ask "what is Linux?" Well, Linux is a free, open source kernel (a computer program that manages input/output requests from software and translates them into data processing instructions for the CPU and other components) and an free OS that is used commonly used in powerful servers and desktops alike. There are also variations of Linux kernels such as Kubuntu, Xubuntu and, most famously, Ubuntu. Some prefer a Linux-based OS than other OS due to their personal preference, like the free OS, love the customizable OS or like how it can dual-boot two different operating systems, Like using Ubuntu and Windows together by using Wubi (Windows-based Ubuntu Installer).
Kubuntu? Xubuntu? Ubuntu?
Xubuntu is another OS famous for its clean, simple, customizable OS. It is quite easy to use and requires little to no experience to use.
Ubuntu is probably the most famous out of the three of mentioned Linux-based systems.It is very customizable with many tweaks you can do to the OS and make it as awesome as you like. Plus, with Wubi, you can dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu on the same computer. Ubuntu is also (going to be) available on the on Android smartphones.
Kubuntu is a free Linux-based OS that is quite easy to use as a replacement to Windows and Office. It is a really easy to use OS and used to simplify computer usage.
Thanks For Watching
Optical Drive
Video Card/Graphics Card (GPU)
Sound Card
The sound card is responsible with everything that has to do with sound and more. It has the job to be able to give sound to the computer user and to be capable to use headphones, microphones and speakers and to be able to send and receive digital information. The sound card is very important for those in music composition and production, video and audio editing, and gaming. Sound cards are similar to video cards due to the difference between the integrated and dedicated plug in cards.
Parts of the Motherboard
Processor (CPU)
Cases (chassis) is the body of the whole computer. In an analogy, the chassis would be like a building (assuming the rest of the hard ware is inside the building).

Computer Components
There are many kinds of cases due to the motherboard sizes (ATX, Micro-ATX and ITX
Corsair C70 with Water Cooling System
ASUS MAXIMUS VI FORMULA LGA 1150 Intel Z87 Motherboard
Hard drives vary by memory size, speed and type. For example, a high RPM (like 7200 RPM) usually means a faster hard drive A bigger cache is usually a good thing as well. SATA ans SAS cables also play a role on how fast the data can be read. There are also Solid State Drives, of SSDs. Unlike regular hard drives, SSDs do not have spinning disks or moving parts, hence the name. Instead, they use technology is more similar to a flash drive. They are usually faster at finding information on the SSD and loading software, but come at a price. SSDs are usually about twice or even more than twice as expensive than their HDD counterparts (in terms of memory). For example, a 1 TB fast hard drive is about $70 to $300, while a SSD would be about $680 to $1,200.
WD VelociRaptor WD1000DHTZ 1TB HDD
Samsung 840 EVO SSD
Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid Drive
The central processing unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer and is a central part of the computer. It is used to be able to compute and to encode bits in binary code. Think of it as the capability to hold files in a cabinet.The speed of the CPU is also a crucial part of the speed of the computer. For example, a quad-core CPU would usually be better than a dual-core because of its speed and power of computing, which is measured in gigahertz. Obviously, the more gigahertz, the better - to a certain point. If the CPU has too much power, it can overheat and can cause permanent damage, unless it's protected with powerful cooling systems, such as liquid cooling systems, CPU fans and heat sinks.
Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor
Corsair Water Cooling System H100i
Cooler Master Heatsink (Unknown Model)
Most of the time, dedicated GPUs connects to the motherboard via SLI, PCI or PCI-e cables and ports. Of course, GPUs get hot and usually have their own fan, albeit sometimes one fan isn't enough. Sometimes, their are case fans that cool down the graphics card(s) alone. There are even cooling systems that help cool down the GPU(s).
Asus GeForce GTX 780
NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan - Considered one of the best and fastest GPU now.
The GPU is the part of the computer that helps processes video and images from the hard drive to the monitor.
GeForce GTX 780
The GPU is quite the most important part of the computer, especially for gaming, since it determines the speed, intensity, smoothness, resolution and many other aspects of graphics.
Blacklight: Retribution: PC & PS4
Example: BF 4
Of course, there are many kinds of GPUs. For example, there are integrated GPUs (on the motherboard) and dedicated graphics cards. Integrated are quite undesirable by many, specifically by the gaming and art/drawing community of technology. Integrated cards tend to be slower and take up RAM from the computer. dedicated cards, like Radeons or GeForce GTX, are much better for hardcore graphics programs and games such as Metro 2033.
integrated GPU: Killer Radeon 5770
Three (3) GTX Titans in a well organized case.
Fun Fact: this PC would be well over $3,000 with the graphics cards alone!
They come with RAM and processor on the card to be able to process images as smoothly and effectively as possible and gives the CPU and RAM less energy to spend on the GPU, as well as a overclocking software to overclock the GPU, check the temperature and voltage, fan speed, and more.
Metro 2033
Like always, dedicated GPU are quite costly. Some can be from a couple hundred bucks to over a thousand, and some argue it's well worth the cost. For example, the GTX Titan, which has a well deserved name, can easily run any high-resolution FPS game, even Crysis 3 (yes, the game is spelled Crysis), which is infamous of overheating and tiring GPUs.
Crysis 3
3 GTX Titans In a nicely done case.
Small overview of the GTX Titan
This is the CPU slot. the CPU slot connects the CPU to the motherboard. Usually, the CPU is locked in with a lever mechanism, as well as being on the bottom of a CPU heat sink and/or fan.
These are the RAM slots that connect the RAM to the motherboard. RAM is placed by slightly pressing the RAM stick in the slot and locked in by pressing the levers on the side
This is the 24 pin slot that connects the motherboard with the PSU, which powers the motherboard.
This is the PCI-E (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) slot that connects the motherboard with the graphics card.
Little holes in the motherboard hold it to place with screws to the case.
Of course, plug in cards are more capable and better, as well as more expensive, than their integrated counterparts.
Creative Sound Blaster ZXR
Integrated sound card
Optical drives are drives that use lasers to be able to read or write information from and to discs such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.
A Motorola Cable Modem
A Linux-based OS
Ubuntu on the Nexus
The monitor is the screen in which the computer user can see and interact with the BIOS, OS and the rest of the hardware. It's fundamental part due to its visual importance to the viewer. Monitors can vary by their refresh rate, their resolution, capability of being a touchscreen, being LCD, LED or plasma, response time, screen ratio, screen size and more. Of course, a better refresh rate means a better screen and less eye strain, the higher the resolution, the less pixelated and better the graphics can be and the response time (how fast the screen can be) can decide the cost of the monitor. a great monitor, such as a 1440p, 3D monitor, can cost about $180. Some can even be all in one computers that have everything inside the monitor.
Speakers are used to be able to hear sounds from the computer, specifically the sound card, to the computer user. Speakers come in all shapes, sizes, sounds, basically everything. There are some for general computer use, some for music or music production, for high-definition, surround sound and high end gaming speakers. Speakers are not necessarily important, but for some people who want them, a speaker is quite important.
Mad Catz M.M.O. 7
Mad Catz Rat 9
Mad Catz Saitek Cyborg
Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7
Modem, or the network card, can be on the motherboard or a plug in card, is used to connect the computer to the internet via Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi. The modem also determines the speed of the computer. A faster modem, the better the speed and response.
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