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Science Chapter 5 Lesson 2

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on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Science Chapter 5 Lesson 2

Science Chapter 5 Lesson 2
Vocabulary Con...
Review Questions
Review Questions Con...
Gene: a section on a chromosome that has genetic information for one trait.
Alleles: different forms of a gene.
Phenotype: genetics call how a trait appears, or is expressed.
Genotype: two alleles that control the phenotype of a trait.
Homozygous: two alleles of a gene are the same.
Heterozygous: two alleles of a gene that are different.
Punnett Square: a model used to predict posible genotypes and phenotypes of offspring.
Incomplete Dominance: when the offspring's pheenotype is combinated of the parents phenotype.
Polygenic Inheritance: occurs when multiple genes determine the phenotype of a trait.
Codominance: when both alleles can be observed in a phenotype, this type of interaction.
1. Use the terms phenotype and genotype in a complete sentence.
2. Contrast homozygous and heterozygous.
3. Define incomplete dominance in your own words.
4. How many alleles control a Mendelian trait, such as a pea seed color.
5. Explain where the alleles for a given trait are inherited from.

6. Describe how the genotypes RR and Rr result in the same phenotype.
7. Summarize how polygenic inheritance differs from Mendelian inheritance.
8. Analyze this pedigree. If square represents a male with the homozygous recessive genotype (aa), what is the mother's genotype?
9. Predict the possible blood genotype's of a child, using the table below, if one parent is type O and the other parent is type A.
Answer 1. Phenotype and Genotype are two different meanings.
Answer 2. Homozygous: When the two alleles of a gene are the same.
Answer 3. It's when the offspring and parent phenotype meet.
Answer 4. Two alleles control a Mendelian trait.
Answer 5. The alleles from a given trait are inherated from your parents.
Answer 6. The RR and Rr result in the same phenotype because they both have the capitalized R.
Answer 7. Polygenic Inheritance and Mendelian are different because they do 2 different stuff.
Answer 8. The mother's genotype is the the yellow circle to be specific.
Answer 9. The possible blood genotype's of the child might be O.
punnett square
incomplete dominance
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