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Promoting Events

Learn how to publicize your organization events by creating effective and eye-catching flyers to promote your event

Jennifer Almanza

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Promoting Events

How to organize your thoughts and information to
create a successful flyer.
8 rules to live by
What is a flyer and when should I make one?
Basic design principles
How to begin
Identifying good and bad elements of flyers
Brainstorming Single-sided, printed piece
Cost effective way to get attention for a short period of time.
Most flyers fit into one of two categories
An announcement of an event, product, program, etc.
or a way to point toward another media, e.g. a website or brochure
When should you use a flyer?
When you can easily identify the who, what, when, where, why, and "why should I care?" aspects of an event that are not tied to a large ad campaign. WHAT is a flyer? WHAT is a flyer? ? ? ? What is design and why do we do it? Principles of Design Principles of Design We use design to engage We use design to create an emotional connection between a product or service allowing our target market to behave in a way that positively influences our brand We use design to influence Arrangement of images and use of color signifies various meanings How do our brains process images? Layout Matters! Layout Matters! How you place your images on the page influences meaning and interpretation PROXIMITY VISUAL HIERARCHY REPETITION COLOR MATTERS! Colors that we see are invariably influenced by what we feel HOW DO YOU MAKE A FLYER? Start by gathering your content WHO Who is the primary audience for the event?
WHAT What is happening?
WHERE Where will it happen?
WHEN When will it happen and for how long?
WHY Why is this event happening?
WHO CARES??? Why should this be of any interest to anyone but you? Decide what you want people to do upon seeing your flyer Do you want them to visit a website?
Do you want them to feel excited? Decide how you can use what you now know about color and layout to communicate the "who cares" factor and the necessary oh la la Identify the "perfect individual" for whom you are designing this flyer for. What would motivate them? A helpful tip... Have a purpose. What are you trying to communicate?
Communicate! Don't decorate.
Use two typefaces. NOT one, NOT 17. TWO
Use the one-two punch. Focus the reader's eyes on one area, then one more.
Pick colors on purpose because every color has meaning
If you can say what you're trying to say with less, than say it with less
Do not (EVER!) scavenge images online
Always give contact information
Your new 8 rules to live by 1


8 UNITY CONTRAST EMPHASIS The basic theory of proximity is concerned with the arrangement or categorization of elements that relate to one another.
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