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Ancient Egpyt

No description

Christene Stratman

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Egpyt

Ancient Egypt
The Gift of the Nile
Regular, predictable flooding
Created a feeling of changelessness
3100-1085 B.C.E
The Benefit of Geography
Major Themes:
Continuity & Stability
Egyptian Religion
polytheistic & anthropomorphic
Placed special importance on the Sun god
Atum: the Creator god
Re: the Sun god
Placed special importance on the afterlife
Osiris: god of the afterlife
Beginning of the Old Kingdom:
According to legend, King Menes (Narmer) united the thrones of Upper & Lower Egypt.
3100 B.C.E
established a Dynasty
Old Kingdom
Middle Kingdom
New Kingdom
2700-2200 B.C.E
2050-1652 B.C.E
1650-1085 B.C.E
Invasion by the Hyksos
Ramses II
Khafre enthroned
Ramesses II
Ancient Mycenaean Goddess 1250 B.C.E
Laocoon and his sons, 27 B.C.E
2570 B.C.E
1280 B.C.E
Cultural Stability
Who were the Pharaohs?
What information do these images convey about the Pharaohs?
They were...
Fun fact:
The Egyptians did not use the term Pharaoh until the New Kingdom.....
The Pyramids
Step Pyramid
The Pyramids at Giza
2540 B.C.E
2532 B.C.E
2490 B.C.E
Pyramid of Djoser
designed by Imhotep
Adviser (vizier)
Father of Medicine
How did they rule?
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