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The Next Wave of Conservation (by The Quivira Coalition)

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Avery C Anderson

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of The Next Wave of Conservation (by The Quivira Coalition)

Strategizing for the Next Wave of Conservation
1st Wave: Federalism
2nd Wave: Environmentalism
3rd Wave: Science-ism
4th Wave: Collaborative Conservation
Avery C. Anderson Sponholtz
#4: Mentor the next generation of land stewards and food producers.
#2: Do good work together on the land.
#3: Engage under-served communities.
#5: Spread the good word.
#1: (Re)Define the "problem."
4th Wave: Collaborative Conservation
An emerging movement in which agriculture, conservation, and all other productive human endeavors are conceived as one practice, with one set of values.
My role:
Work in service to organizations who are cultivating practical visionaries
...but now
will mean something more comprehensive:
Fortifying the next generation of land stewards by increasing the quality and quantity of mentorship opportunities
Radically rethinking our communications strategy to empower both traditional land stewards and tech-savvy new agrarians
Engaging at the cutting edge of conservation thinking and practical innovation in order to bring the best of what’s new back to our growing community

...but now
ING will mean something more expansive:
Developing ways to integrate all kinds of knowledge, from peer-reviewed science to practical lore, into effective decision-making frameworks
Pursuing partnerships with an expanding variety of stakeholders
Extending our sphere of influence to regenerate whole landscapes

...but now
will mean something more lasting and impactful:
Lifting our toolbox of practical solutions to mainstream consciousness
Building a movement with enough force to get those solutions implemented at scale
Regenerating the Radical Center, so that it is more inclusive of the energy, health care, education, technology, communications and finance sectors

strategically pairing philanthropy with regenerative opportunities...
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