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Source Reliability

No description

Jessica Low

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Source Reliability

Source Reliability
Navigating Your Way Across the Internet
Go to the website below and decide if you think this product (DHMO) should be banned. Explain your reasoning in your comp book.

Most print sources are credible because they go through an evaluative process before publication.

Some sources on the Internet are also print sources.

Printed vs. Internet
PACD Method
On the white board:

1. Make a new comment explaining something you discovered about reliable resources or about one of the sources you looked at.

2. Respond to a classmate's comment.

Discuss Online
Turn to the notes section of your comp book and title a page "Source Reliability."
Anyone can publish on the Internet without any review.

Don’t even think about using the following:
Yahoo answers

P= Purpose
Ask yourself what the author's purpose was for creating the website.
P ersuade
I nform
E ntertain
S ell
1. Go the the following website
and identify the purpose.
Record the purpose in your
comp book.
A= Author
Figuring out who's trust worthy can seem tough.
Here are some tips!
Ask yourself these questions:
Can I find the name of the author or group?
Can I see that the author/company is an expert on this topic?
Can I find contact information for the author/company?
Can I find where the author/publisher got the information or links to other sources?

2. Search for a website about penguins
that has a reliable author. Record the
why you think the author is
reliable in your comp book.
Content is the information, message, or main idea of the source.
Ask yourself:
Do I get the same information from other sources?
Is the information accurate and clearly stated?
Do all the links work?
Does it look professional?

3. Go to the following website.

In your comp book record your
ideas about whether the source is reliable or not. Explain your answer by answering the question to the left.
Date means when something is written or published.

When researching a current event or topic, ask yourself:
Is this information current?
Is the site up to date?
When researching a historical event, ask yourself:
When did the event happen?
Was the text written when the event was current?
Search for Shackleton and the Endurance.

Find a website and record the copyright date (usually at the bottom of the website).

Record if the website has any primary sources (documents from the time of the event) on the website.
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