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Hallyu Phenomenon

No description


on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Hallyu Phenomenon

presented by
MARCHAL Clémence and TRICHET Justine

M1 LCAI Asie-Pacifique 2013-2014
Cultural Studies - Professor M. Symington

Table of Contents

What is Hallyu?
Origins and Spreading
Reception and Impacts
Recipe of success


What is Hallyu?

What is Kpop?
Quick Definition

Why is it popular?
What is Kdrama?
Quick Definition
Format : 1/16-20/60
Production and Broadcasting System
K-drama = Korean Drama

Refers to televised dramas produced in South Korea since the late 80s.

Many K-dramas become popular throughout Asia, but also in other parts of the world.

K-dramas are considered part of the general phenomenon called Hallyu (the Korean Wave).
Gangnam Style
Korean Abroad
National Media
Social Networks
(Worldwide) Events
TV and Radio
Local TV channels can broadcast Korean dramas, Korean movies, live K-pop concerts...

You can hear K-pop song on the radio.

Gangnam style has been broadcasted on the French radio.
Video Websites
Legally licenses Korean dramas since 2009, and reports a catalog of over 13,000 episodes.

Similar websites:
dramacrazy.eu, epdrama.com, dramapassion, viki.com, gooddrama.net...

The place where you can find music videos and movies.
Websites on Hallyu Stars
English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French versions
1.4 million visits per month

Production and Broadcasting System
Social Networks
Promotional Videos
Comprises all genres of popular music from South Korea

Mostly formed of Boy and Girl Bands

One of the two biggest part of the Korean Wave
Started in 1992 with 'Seo Tai-Ji and The Boys'

Spread worldwide in 2002 with BoA in Japan

By the end of the 2000's, companies tried to export outside Asia

Demand from ordinary internet users

Since the late 2000's, the market is growing rapidly
Songs are catchy and the beat is addictive
Good looking singers/idols
Lyrics are not about sex and drugs
Music videos are colourful, joyful
Slave contract
Artists? Idols!
Do not write their own songs
Do not sing in English, cannot understand them
They all look alike
Old men looking at girls with short clothes: perverts!
Korean dramas are usually broadcasted after 4 or 5 episodes have been filmed.

There can be changes in the story according to the audience reaction.

Broadcasting time for flagship dramas is 22:00 to 23:00

Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday, and weekends.

Nationwide networks: Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)

Cable channels: Channel A, tvN...
Modern Time
'I AM' (2011) promoted by SM Entertainment
'Haru - An Unforgettable Journey' promoted by the KTO
Reasons of Success
• Capitalist development
• Neo-liberalism in the late 1980s
• New technologies and mass media communication
• The cultural proximity thesis
• The racial proximity
• Social factors
• The Korean diaspora

Total export:
$235 million
Total export:
$16.5 million
Total export:
$31.3 million
Total export:
$84.9 million
Total export:
$180 million
Origin of Hallyu
Opening of the country after years of military dictatorship in the late 80s
Boom of the entertainment industry in the 90s
1997 financial crisis
Start to spread worldwide in the 2000s
Not only an economic phenomenon
"Even if you don't like a song, once it's stuck in your head you know you're lost and you need to listen to this song again and again. The beat makes your heart beat faster, stronger and you also get addicted to that feeling. You feel good and you really need more of this "stuff". It really is a drug."
South Korea
'Finding Hallyuwood'
'Secretly and Greatly' webtoon
'Finding Hallyuwood'
History of Kpop
Hallyu strong presence
Wide audience range
High development of Korean cultural products (cosmetics, fashion, music, concerts, Korean restaurant ...)
Too much Korean exposure has recently led to discontentment (demonstration, threat from the government to lower Korean cultural products import, ...)
Korean dramas are aired on TV and Kpop on the radio.
Hallyu Dream
(to become a star and/or live in Korea)
Positive reception and development of the interest in South Korea.
Korean movies, music and food become popular in Cairo.
Turkey and South Korea share a brotherhood-like relationship
K-Dramas are popular because of the values they convey
Some K-dramas and movies are available on private channels
High demand from Hallyu fans recently for Korean cultural products
Presence of an important South Korean community
South Korea focus a lot on the American market.
High demand from Latin America and so the governments try to import more Korean goods.
K-dramas on TV and K-pop on the radio.
Thank You for Listening !
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