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Lucas & Jovi's San Diego Adventure

No description

Juliana Robbins

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Lucas & Jovi's San Diego Adventure

Lucas & Jovi's San Diego Adventure So Lucas and I decided to take a trip to San Diego once winter came. Lucas wanted to go to California to try out the 'big boy' waves. Maybe I was going to give the surf a try as well! I love to travel and I have heard the San Diego area is beautiful! I can't wait to see what Lucas has planned for us! The first thing Lucas did was surf obviously! He did quite well even though he is used to the easiness of the East Coast waves. Lucas actually entered a competition when we got to the beach. I had my doubts but he ended up winning 3rd place. What a guy! He won a gift certificate to the IN-N- OUT burger, which is delicious by the way! Even the fast food is better here! Then we decided to go to the desert. Almost nothing exists there but thats what makes the experience so amazing. Lucas was able to tell me alot about the plants. I was really impressed. The blank beauty of the desert made me really grateful for all the incredible things on this Earth. It was a life changing experience. This cactus, Lucas told me, was at least 300 years old! The wildlife in California is awesome! Cute sea lions are everywhere! Their bark sounded like dogs to me. Made me miss my labrador Sammy. Pelicans are so wild looking, I wish I could take one home with me! Next I tried Surfing! I started off doing okay, sitting on the board and getting used to the waves. Then they just got way to rough for me to handle, eh better luck next time I guess. We also went to the infamous San Diego Zoo, even though Lucas was resistant because he thinks animals should not be kept up in cages. We saw this funny looking camels and a great seal show! This heina was getting a little frisky with the stick! Aww the cute Muskrats! Reminded me of Lucas and I <3 Finally after a perfect week, there was a beautiful sunset. We loved California so much we may stay for a little while longer. Lucas wants to keep on entering in competitions and I just may want to work at that burger joint. Your only young once!
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