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History of Boeing

By: Cole Pickering

Chris Santos

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of History of Boeing

History of Boeing
Boeing was founded in Seattle
William Boeing used to be a wealthy Seattle timber men.
In 1914 William Boeing took his first plane ride with a Barn Stormer
The first Boeing Production aircraft was the model C.
In 1917 Boeing shipped modified Model C's to the U.S. Navy for world war 1.
Boeing was founded on July 15, 1916
Boeing's first products had practical focus like carrying mail.
Beginning in 1919, the B-1, Boeing's first commercial aircraft, would carry mail from Seattle to Canada for the next eight years.
In 1927, the Boeing Model 40A would be specifically designed for mail.
The 40A could also hold two passengers in a small cabin.
The 40A won a post office contract to deliver mail between San Francisco and Chicago.
Boeing Air Transport was founded in 1927 to operate its growing airmail business.
In 1931 Boeing Air Transport, National Air Transport, Varney Airlines, and Pacific Air Transport merged to form United Airlines.
William Boeing retired in 1934, but not before the production of the all metal Boeing model 247.
Boeing had the lowest cost for mail with $2.88 per pound.
The Boeing Company's first airplane production facility was located on the banks of the Duramisa River.
Boeing's work force consisted of people with specific skill sets.
Some of the jobs were pilots, carpenters, and seamstresses
Highly skilled female seamstresses made up almost 25% of the early work force.
To keep airplanes as light as possible they used fabric instead of metal or wood for some parts of the planes.
Designers find out if there airplanes have a strong load factor. They put sandbags on it until it bends.
The bags are typically manageable weight such as 25, 10, and 5 pounds.
In 1934 Clair Egtvedt became Boeing's president.
This year was depressing because the United Air Lines was the only U.S. airline to buy the model 247 passenger plane.
Boeing introduced the models 83 and 89 fighters in the Navy in 1928.
The Boeing company later opened a school of aeronautics.
The school taught subjects like engines and airframe maintenance.
In 1937 the Boeing XB-15 was a four engine plane. the heaviest built in the U.S.
In December 1938 the model 307, the first plane with four engines and a pressurized cabin was built.
In Spring 1940, the Boeing Aircraft Company faced a financial situation.
The total revenue in 2014 is 90.8 billion.
Boeing employs more than 165,000 people across the U.S.
100% of electricity at Washington 737 factory comes from renewable sources.
Boeing has reduced 8% of hazardous waste generation.
Boeing has reduced 3.2% of 6H6 emissions.
Boeing reduced water intake by 6.8%

Boeing's environmental strategy and policies are guided by the Environmental Health and Safety policy council.
A team of 20 cross functional executives meet twice a month to advance their strategy in helping the environment.
Airplanes have increased fuel efficiency by 70%.
Boeing has reduced their noise footprint by 90%.
Boeing is trying to use a 50/50 blend of jet fuel and bio fuel.
About 20,000 people are employed at the 777 program in Everett.
Boeing has about 87,000 employes in Washington.
Washington Aerospace is responsible for about 90% of airmail in the U.S.
Boeing payed nearly 50 billion to more then 13,600 local businesses.
The Boeing company works with 1,700 businesses in Washington.
Boeing's charitable contributions in Washington is 52.6 million.
Boeing had a total gross orders of 174
Boeing has more than 21,000 suppliers and partners around the world.
Boeing has customers in more than 150 countries.
Boeing has been awarded 15,573 patents around the world.
The plane carried 10 passengers 160 mph across the country in 20 hours
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