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Roald Amundsen and Jacques Cartier

social studies project by Sophie Dawson and MaKayla Cline

Sophie Dawson

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Roald Amundsen and Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier and Roald Amundsen By : Sophie Dawson
MaKayla Cline Jacques Cartier Born : December, 31, 1491
Died : September,01, 1557 Roald Amundsen Born on:July 16,1872
Died on: June 22,1928 Born in Saint-Malon,France Sent by King Francis to the New World, to seek riches,gold,spices,and new route to Asia, and new route through North America. WHY HE LEFT TO EXPLORE... Led three voyages to Canada in 1534,1535,and 1541. He was looking for a route through North America but did not find one. Roald Amundsen was born near Oslo, Norway His dad died when he was fourteen and his mom died when he was twenty-one. places he explored He sailed the Northeast coast,explored the St. Lawrence River, He also went to Canada and actually named it. St.Lawrence River Some of Jacques Cartier obstacles were... 2 of the 3 of his ships were sunk in a bad storm. He spent winter without good warm clothes. He got yellow fever. ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND OBSTACLES Some of Jacques Cartier's accomplishments were...sailing to the New World,he got to name Canada. Positives... He discovered Canada, and named what is now Quebec, Kanata. RESULTS OF HIS EXPLORATION Negatives... Didn't find gold,or new route to Asia or through North America. Scurvy-not enough Vitamin C Sophie's work-http://www.enchantedlearning.com/explorers/indexc.shtml Hardships... 2 0f the 3 of his ships sunk during bad storm, had no clothes durning harsh winter, got scurvy,and eventually got yellow fever. Yellow Fever- Typhus Also died in Saint-Malon, France of Typhus at age 66 MaKayla's Work
explorers/index.shtml Roald Amundsen explored because he had a hero and a role model. He was fascinated by John Franklin and the adventures he had. Which inspired him to have his own adventures and to become an explorer. Why he left to explore... He started out on a small expedition dog sledding to the south pole. He arrived on December 14,1911. Where he Explored... He was the first person to sail around the world through the Northeast and Northwest passages, from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 1905. As a beginning captain he went to the North magnetic pole in 1899. In 1900 he bought a boat named "Gjoa". On June 16, 1903, with a crew of 6,
he sailed from Oslo,Norway to the South of Greenland, through Baffin Bay and to King William Island in Northern Canada. He went to the North and South magnetic poles. In 1910, Amundsen was the first person to sail to Antarctica. As he also wanted to be the first person to make it to Antarctica. Which is the South Pole. Accomplishments... Roald Amundsen's sponsors were himself because he paid for his voyages mostly by himself. But millionaire explorer Lincoln Ellsworth helped pay for Roald Amundsen to fly to the North Pole. Sponsors He went back to the magnetic poles and realized they move. On December 14, 1911, Amundsen and crew made it to the South Pole on dog sleds . They returned to base camp on January 25, 1912. Richard Evelyn Byrd reached the North Pole by plane in May, 1926.
Byrd returned to Spitsbergen, Norway. Then 2 days later Amundsen
and Byrd met later. On May 11, 1926 Amundsen left for the North
Pole in a blimp designed and flown by the Italian explorer, pilot , and
engineer. They had weather and mechanical issues. They returned to
Point Barrow, Alaska. On his first voyage they were stuck in overwinter which is were you are stuck in ice until it melts and depending on how fast or slow it melts determines how fast you can get on with the voyage. On that trip all of the crewmates got sick with "scurvy" and Roald Amundsen had to feed them seal meat to give them more vitamin C. Obstacles In 1905, they were caught in ice near Herschel Island. On the voyage only one crew member died of a ruptured appendix. From 1918-1921, he unsuccessfully tried to use Arctic currents
to drift to the North Pole. But instead he went through the North
passage from Europe across to Asia to Alaska. He was the second
person to ever do that. The first was Nordenskjold.So the trip
wasn't an entire loss. Roald Amundsen died in a plane crash the
summer of 1928. While attempting to
rescue his friend Nobile, who was lost
in a blimp crash in the Arctic. Amundsen disappeared on June 18,1928 with his french flight crew. Nobile and his crew was found by another search crew. But Amundsen was never found. He died at age 55. Death... www.biogrphy.com
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