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The Glass Castle Presentation

No description

Lorena Cruz

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of The Glass Castle Presentation

"Jeannette Walls"
This article from
Summarizes what Jeannette's childhood was like
Explains how Jeannette lives her life now
Reveals how Jeannette was convinced to tell her life story to the world
Describes Jeannette's reactions to readers' responses to her memoir.

The Glass Castle
Biographical Source
Jeannette Walls grew up all over the country
Work Cited
"Jeannette Walls." Newsmakers. Detroit: Gale, 2006. Biography in Context. Web. 13 Jan. 2014.
Hampson, Rick. "50 years later, JFK's promise to W.Va. lost." USA Today 28 Oct. 2013: 01A. U.S. History in Context. Web. 13 Jan. 2014.
PROSE , FRANCINE. " 'The Glass Castle': Outrageous Misfortune." (2005): n. page. Print.
"Housing Rights." Civil Rights in America: 1500 to the present. Ed. Jay A. Sigler. Detroit: Gale, 1998. U.S. History in Context. Web. 15 Jan. 2014.
Historical Context: NYC Summary & Quote
•"50 years later, JFK's promise to W.Va. lost." by Rick Hampson
McDowell County was America’s top coal producer
• During 1960s West Virginia depended on coal for jobs
• In 1960 70% of children lived without a working parent and 46% live with out biological parents
• The population has fallen drastically due to loss of job

Historical Context Summary
Dysfunctional-- can you dig it?
Life is one great adventure
Their father distracts them with the "Glass Castle"
Imaginative, Creative, Strong, and Stand up for themselves and each other
With age comes less responsibility
Rex- Increase in domestic abuse and alcoholism
Rose Mary- Increase in depression (mainly when she has to work)
"...she told Entertainment Weekly writer Karen Valby. "I will never take for granted a thermostat. Every time I turn on the sink it's a miracle. 'Look at all that water gushing out!' I go to the grocery store and I can buy anything I want. I don't have to ask the manager if he has any bruised bananas at a discount." (Newsmakers)

This emphasizes on the struggles that Jeannette and her family had to go through and how it affected her when she grew up and became a successful writer.

Why would it be helpful/important for future students

Quote from Historical and why it would be important/ helpful for future students
"The county whose poverty shocked Kennedy in 1960 has become a socioeconomic disaster area where 70% of children live in a household without a working adult, and 46% live in one with neither biological parent." (Hampson)
- Walls wrote this memoir in order to inform the reader of the struggles people lived in Welch, West Virginia
-This memoir helped elaborate on the poverty that is in Welch but also living with poverty in general and how it is manage from her parents life
50 years later, JFK's promise to W.Va. lost
By. Rick Hampson
-This source would be very helpful because if would force students to analyze their own lives in creative ways

-It would motivate students to work hard to achieve their dreams despite obstacles that they may face in the world outside of school

-Help the publish/share their own stories without being afraid of being judged or attacked.
"Given the serious shortage of decent housing in American cities, more and more efforts have been organized to find new ways to replenish the housing stock adequately and also to find ways to help the urban poor. But housing rights remain political issues, to be resolved by the voters and their representatives, and are not yet not general rights. In actuality, many of our states are segregated by race and income because of the differences between communities in the housing field. Some communities have large, sumptuous homes with large lots and plantings, while nearby towns consist of rundown and even abandoned houses. These disparities are evident to all Americans,..."

"Housing Rights" by Jay A. Sigler
This articles focus on the origin of America’s housing problems, throughout history.
It also, explains the effects of minorities and immigrants on housing shortages.
This would be an important article to read because it relates to the parents homelessness and in general their lack of basic, humane living conditions.
Literary Criticism
“The experience left Jeannette with physical scars and a worrisome case of pediatric pyromania. The memoir offers a catalog of nightmares that the Walls children were encouraged to see as comic or thrilling episodes in the family romance.”
• The Glass Castle is a “dark fairytale” of a girl against all odds who becomes a successful journalist.
• The author titled her memoir Glass Castle because it was one of her parents many ways of hiding their poverty.
• The memoir details the lives lived by the children in a way of comedic but hard truth.

Understanding why the parents camouflaged the families poverty will help students in the future understand why Jeannette Walls writes the memoir in a comic way to convey the hard truth she, and her siblings lived.
'The Glass Castle': Outrageous Misfortune


Why is it important?
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