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Auburn University Organization

No description

Minerva Brauss

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of Auburn University Organization

Executive Director , Internal Audit
Secretary to the Board
Interim Assistant Vice President and Director, Communications & Marketing
General Counsel
Executive Director, Governmental Affairs
Director, Governmental Affairs
Director, Public Affairs
VP, Development
VP, Alumni Affairs
Director of Communications and Marketing
Director of Alumni Accounting
Director of Special Events & Programs
Executive Director of Facilities Operations
Director of Business Operators & Facilities Management
Interim Editor of Auburn Magazine
Associate Vice President for Constituent Development
Associate Vice President for Development Operations
Associate Vice President for Communications, Marketing & Campaign Strategy
Associate Vice President for Constituent Development and Vice President, Auburn University Real Estate Foundation, Inc.
Director, Organization Development & Strategy
Campaign Coordinator of Campaign & Principle Gifts
Director of Parent and Annual Giving of Auburn Fund
Foundation Relations Officer of Corporate & Foundation Relations
Manager of Donor Relations
Senior Director of Planned Giving of Office of Gift Planning
Director of Gifts and Records
Director of Research and Data Analytics

Executive Director (OADSS) & Director (IMS) - Alumni & Development Support Services
Director Alumni Accounting - Alumni and Development Support Services
Director (Development Accounting) - Alumni and Development Support Services
Managing Director - AU Hotel and Dixon Conference Center
Director - Endowment Investment Office
Public Safety and Security
Associate Director Emergency Management
Associate Director Public Safety Information/Education
Emergency Planner Emergency Management
Executive Director - Risk Management and Safety
Director - Sustainability Operations
Director - Trademark Management and Licensing
Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services
Vice President for Business & Finance and CFO
Associate Vice President Facilities Management

Associate Provost and Vice President, Student Affairs
Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement
Director Student Counseling Services
Director Health Promotion and Wellness Services
Executive Director Campus Recreation
Medical Director Medical Clinic
Director Assessment & Strategic Planning
Coordinator of Staff Parent & Family Programs
Executive Director of the Deverlopment
Director of Student Involvement
Director Student Center
Director Student Conduct
Director University Housing and Residence Life
Director Greek Life

Dean, Enrollment Services
Director Enrollment Services - Operations

Director Admissions & Recruitment

Director University Scholarship

Board of Trustees
Director, Inter-Collegiate Athletics
Director, Alabama Cooperative
Extension System
Director, Alabama Agricultural
Experiment Station
Assistant VP, Auxiliary Services
Assistant VP, Facilities
Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Associate VP, Business & Finance
Director of Budget Services
Director of Cash Management
Director of Contracts & Grants Accounting
Controller Financial Reporting
Manager of Property Services
Director of Information Systems Support
Executive Director of Payroll & Employee Benefits
Executive Director of Procurement and Payment Services
Director of the Office of Student Financial Services

Safety Manager
Communications Specialist
Director Building Services
Executive Director Design and Construction
Facilities Program Manager
Director Construction Management
Director Utilities and Energy
Director Financial Services
University Architect
Human Resources Manager

Director, Auburn University Aviation Center & Airport
Director of Air Transportation
Director AU Bookstore
Director Tiger Card
Director Parking Services
Surplus Property Manager
Director of University Housing
Executive Director of Public Safety

Associate Provost & VP, Research Economic Development
Associate VP, University Outreach
Director & Associate Director of Government and Economic Development Institute
Director of Economic & Community Development Institute
Senior Content Editor, Encyclopedia of Alabama
Director of Center for Educational Outreach and Engagement
Director of Development Officer & University Outreach Advancement Board
Director of Faculty Engagement
Director of Office of Professional & Continuing Education
Director of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Director and DEU Officer of Office of Public Service

Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station
Interim Head of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture
Department Head - McWhorter School of Building Science
Director of School of Accountancy
Associate Provost and Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity
Coordinator for Alumni Engagement
Director, Cross-Cultural Center for Excellence
PLUS Coordinator
Diversity Initiatives Coordinator
Diversity Student Advocate
Assistant Provost for Women's Initiatives
Diversity Initiatives Coordinator
Diversity Initiatives Coordinator
Executive Support Assistant
Executive Assistant/Business Manager
Administrative Support Assistant
Executive Support Assistant

Associate Provost
Director of the Biggio Center
Assistant Director of the Biggio Center
Associate Provost- International Programs
Assistant Provost for Special Projects and Initiatives
Director Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art
Assistant Director Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art
Director Office of Accessibility
Assistant Director Office of Accessibility
Executive Director of Information Technology
Assistant Director of Information Technology
Director of Administration of Information Technology
Director of Computer Systems of Information Technology
Director of Enterprise System Support of Information Technology
Director of Telecommunications of Information Technology
Director of User Services of Information Technology
University Registrar

Associate Provost, Undergraduate Studies
Assistant Provost of Undergraduate Studies and Director of Honors College
Director of First Year Experience
Director of Career Center
Director of Academic Sustainability Programs
Director of Cooperative Education Program
Director of Navy ROTC
Director of Interdisciplinary Studies
Director of Air Force ROTC
Director of Academic Support
Director of University Advising
Director of ARMY ROTC
Director of Undergraduate Research Program
Dean of the Graduate School
Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Dean of University Libraries
Director IR & Assessment
Associate Director for Assessment

Director of the University Writing Program
Dean of the College of Agriculture
Interim Associate Dean for Research
Assistant Dean and Director of Global Programs
Assistant Dean for Extension/Assistant Director of A&NR
Interim Associate Dean for Instruction
Department Chair - Ag. Economics & Rural Sociology
Department Head - Agronomy & Soils
Department Head - Animal Science
Interim Department Head - Biosystems Engineering
Department Chair - Entomology & Plant Pathology
Department Head - Horticulture
Department Head - Poultry Science

Dean of the College of Arch. Design & Construction
Dean of the College of Business
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Associate Dean Research & Outreach

Associate Dean for Graduate & International Programs

Chair - Aviation & Supply Chain Management

Chair - Finance

Associate Dean - Marketing

Chair - Management

Director - MBA Programs

Dean of the College of Education
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Certification Officer

Director - Office of Research and Innovation

Director of Development

Head - Curriculum & Teaching

Head - Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology

School Director - Kinesiology

Head - Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling

Dean of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
Associate Dean for Academics

Associate Dean for Program Assessment and Graduate Studies

Associate Dean for Research

Director, Nuclear Power Generation Systems Program

Chair - Aerospace Engineering

Chair - Computer Science & Software Engineering

Chair - Electrical & Computer Engineering

Chair - Industrial & Systems Engineering

Chair - Mechanical Engineering

Interim Department Chair - Polymer & Fiber Engineering
Dean of the College of Human Sciences
Associate Dean

Associate Dean

Head of Consumer and Design Sciences

Head of Human Development & Family Studies

Head of Nutrition/Dietetics Hospitality Management
Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Associate Dean
Associate Dean
Associate Dean
Chair - Communication Disorders
Chair - Economics
Chair - English
Chair - Foreign Language & Literatures
Chair - History
Chair - Philosophy
Chair - Political Science
Chair - Psychology
Chair - Sociology, Anthro. & Soc. Wk.

Dean of the College of Science & Mathematics
Associate Dean

Associate Dean

Outreach Director

Chair - Biological Sciences

Chair - Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chair - Geology & Geography

Chair - Mathematics & Statistics

Chair - Physics
Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine
Associate Dean Academic Affairs

Associate Dean Research & Graduate Studies

Department Head - Clinical Science

Chair - Anatomy Physiology & Pharmacy

Head - General Veterinary Medicine

Interim Director - Scott-Ritchey Research

Director of Southeaster Raptor Center

Teaching Hospital
Dean of the School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences
Assc. Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor, Plant Pathology
Assc. Dean of Research, McClure Professor, Forest Biochemistry and Environmental Health
Director of Student Services
Director of the Center for Environmental Studies at the Urban-Rural Interface
Associate Director of the Center for Environmental Studies at the Urban-Rural Interface
Outreach Director of the Center for Environmental Studies at the Urban-Rural Interface
Director of Forest Products Development Center
Director of Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center

Dean of the School of Nursing
Associate Dean

Director Graduate Program

Associate Dean for Research

Dean of the James Harrison School of Pharmacy
Associate Dean
Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Programs
Associate Dean for Curriculum & Assessment
Interim Department Head of Pharmacal Sciences
Head of Pharmacy Care Systems
Department Head of Pharmacy Practice
Director of Drug Information and Learning Resource Center
Director of Pharmaceutical Care Center
Assistant Dean of Health Services

Auburn Universi
ty Organization

Director - Fisheries, Aquaculture & Aquatic Sciences
School Head - School of Industrial & Graphic Design
Director - School of Communication & Journalism
Department Head of Arts and Art History
Department Head of Theatre
Auburn University Organizational Chart by Gender
Female - Orange
Male - Blue

Revised 2017
The content of this chart was obtained through Auburn University's public websites. Please contact WLI for any comments or changes to the chart at
Research Project created by Minerva Brauss and Xi Lin
Women in Leadership

Auburn University












Director of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity
Senior Director, Talent Management
Executive Director, Campus Relations
Director, Employment Services
Director, Human Resource Development
Executive Director, Payroll, Benefits & Records
Associate Provost & Associate Vice President for Research
Assistant Vice President for Research
Business Manager & Executive Assistant to the VPR
Manager, Communications & Marketing
Executive Director, External Engagement & Support
Executive Director, Hunstville Research Center
Director of Research, AUHRC
Director of Innovation Advancement & Commercialization
Director, Proposal Services & Faculty Support
Associate Director, Proposal Services & Faculty Support
Director, Office of Research Compliance
Assist. Director, Office of Research Compliance
Senior Counsel for Research Security & Cyber Initiative
Manager, University Research Security Office
Director of Sponsored Programs
Director of Undergraduate Research
University Veterinarian
Manager, Biological Research Facility

President of Board
District 1
District 2
District 3
District 3-Lee
District 4
District 5
District 6
District 7
District 8
Vice President Pro Tempore
District 9
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