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Sesame Street

Prezi presentation on something I am interested in.

Kelsey Rouech

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Sesame Street

Sesame Street By: Kelsey Rouech Likes: learning, laughing, looking at books, and playing. Likes: Eating crunchy fruits, vegetables, and, of course, cookies!
Likes: Singing, finding solutions to problems, roller skating, making people feel better
Likes: Using his imagination, taking baths with Rubber Duckie, playing the saxophone Likes: Paper clips, brass band music
Likes: Playing with her best friend, Elmo
Muppets - Likes: Counting anything and everything
Like: Counting anything and everything
Likes: Collecting junk, standing in line, arguing, rainy days
- Sesame Street premiered on PBS on November 10, 1969 - Running time of an episode - 60 minutes Street Facts - Well known Sesame Street characters - Number of episodes - 4,212 - Created by: Joan Ganz Cooney & Lloyd Morriset - Original channels - NET & PBS * Longest running children's television program. * Pioneer of the contemporary educational television standard, combining both education and entertainment * To date, Sesame Street has won 97 Emmy Awards - more Emmys than any other television show in history. * Approximately 8 million people in the U.S. tune in to Sesame Street each week.
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