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The Diary of Abigail Williams

No description

abi killebrew

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of The Diary of Abigail Williams

Dear diary,
Last night I did a deed far worse than a sin. I have stepped out of the light of God for love. For I love John Proctor. We went to the forest with other girls from the town where Tituba started to conduct witchcraft with the devil. All wished for love to come into their lives, but I wished for Elizabeth Proctor’s death. I sacrificed the life of a chicken and drank its blood for the devil’s help to bring me to John, but was ruined when my uncle caught us in the act.

Dear Diary,
Betty will not wake. She lays still in her bed in a deep sleep. Uncle believes she is bewitched from the events last night, but I know she is pretending so her father will not punish her. He continuously asks me if we engaged in witchcraft and I deny everything. Tituba worries deeply for she also believes it is her fault but I know the truth. I am curious to know how long Betty can hold this act for.

Dear Diary,
I confessed all that has happened to my uncle. I hit Betty when she awoke for she was screaming for her dead mother and cried that I did not tell her father I drank blood. I warned the others to only confess that we danced and that Tituba conjured Ruth’s dead sisters in the forest. If any are to speak another word of it I will kill them just as I watched my parents die next to me.

Dear Diary,
I hate Elizabeth Proctor with every bone in my body. She is the only thing keeping John and I apart. I wished the chicken’s blood would poison her life so that I may live the rest of mine with John. She discovered our affair and dismissed me from their home. She has made it impossible for me to ever see John. I only hope their relationship is ended soon.

Dear Diary,
I saw John today. His eyes, so beautiful and deep, mesmerize me at every glance. They continually remind me of all our time together. How he made me feel, how my skin crawls at the thought of his touch, my lips quiver at the thought of his kiss. My soul burns yearning for the sound of his voice. John Proctor you will forever hold my heart.

Dear Diary,
My uncle still believes that we engaged in witchcraft. I reassured him and Reverend Hale that we were dancing and only making soup. They asked Tituba and I whom we saw with devil. Betty woke again and joined me by accusing others that were with the Devil. My lies have begun to cost people their lives.

Dear Diary,
I have finally found a way to discard Elizabeth Proctor. I accused her of witchcraft. I convinced them she bewitched me through a doll because I had a needle stuck in my side just as the doll did. Elizabeth is now on her way to jail and I am on my way to a life with John Proctor.

Dear Diary,
I was forced into the court today. Mary Warren told everyone that we were pretending so I convinced the court that she was bewitching all of us with a cold wind. Then John, so enraged, called me a whore and confessed to the court of our affair. I never thought John to crawl back to his dear wife so easily. I know I will always be the light of his life. I became so infuriated the other girls and I continued to convince the court that Mary Warren was still bewitching us sending the court into chaos. I made a huge mistake. It is because of my blind love and lying, I caused John’s sentence to jail.

The Diary of Abigail Williams
By: Abigail Killebrew
Dear Diary,
I am lost with out John. I fear the town has a high wish for his hanging. My heart aches for the idea of his death. It would be on my hands.

Dear Diary,
I saw John today. I tried to convince him to run away with me, so that we may live together away from this cursed place, but he would not come. John would rather die than live the rest of his life with me. My heart is ripped to pieces. I can no longer live in this Devil’s cursed land. Mercy and I have decided to leave and start a new, happier life.

Dear Diary,
I leave this life behind. All the memories here are deadly and cursed. So the time has come that I erase all the memories and begin a new life. Goodbye Salem and all your diseases.

Abigail has now been heard to be a prostitute in Boston. In order that no one would find out her secrets she tried to burn the diary, but was unsuccessful.
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