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Sierra Club Moshannon Group

Team Green Monkeys Leslie Finlay, Abby Pease, Devon McCarthy, Ha Nguyen, Holly Gombita, Maggie Davis

Leslie Finlay

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Sierra Club Moshannon Group

Team Green Monkeys Sierra Club Moshannon group Problem overview research results Goals and Objectives strategies Communication tactics evaluation stewardship conclusion summary Leslie Finlay Holly Gombita Abby Pease Ha Nguyen Devon McCarthy Maggie davis Gary Thornbloom Ron Brourman Of the 1000 members, 12 are active Focus group phone survey 83.3 % of respondents were 50 and older
none of the respondents use twitter
13.4% of respondents reported using facebook
78.6% of respondents reported reading the newsletter every month
33.9 % of respondents said there were not enough volunteer opportunies
27.7% of respondents said they were not aware of opportunies 1. To increase communication
with members 2. To increase number of active members Communication
to increase number of hits on the website by 15%
to have 50 or more people sign up for the online newsletter
to implement better organization

have 4 more members become consistently active 1. Better structure Moshannon
group website
2. Disseminate more infomation about
the website through mailings
3. Create a positive attitude within the
1. reorganize website 2. Have an online forum
& blog 3. series of 2-direct
mailings 4. Facebook/twitter Activity Tactics Cool Cities Campaign Earth day Cool Cities kick-off Green Expo 2010 What we did! How we did it! When tactics were implemented? Resources used! Public works Nature's Pantry
& Nittany Geothermal Freezethaw Mayor signing contract 1. Reporting 2. Reciprocity 3. Responsibility 4. Relationship Nurturing 1. Internal communications 2. recruiting volunteers
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