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History of the World in Six Glasses Timeline

A timeline including key dates from each beverage

Kendra Nicholls

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of History of the World in Six Glasses Timeline

Timeline Through 6 Glasses
A History of the World in Six Glasses
by Tom Standage
Greatly affected the Middle East.
Important Dates:
10,000 BCE
People started harvesting wild grains and establishing permanent homes around their farms.
7000-5000 BCE
Farming grains spreads thoughout the Middle East.
6,000 BCE
Pottery was invented which made it easier to make and store beer.
4,000 BCE
Beer was widespread in the Middle East; drunk by a majority of people and used as a for m of payment.
2,000 BCE
Most of the population in the Middle East lived in Cities due to excess amount of food available at the markets.
Affected the Mediterranean Region
5400 BCE
Remains of ancient wine are found in jars at the Zargos Mountains, which are located in modern-day Iraq.
Important Dates
3000 BCE
Small wine vineyards were established in Egypt with mixed results.
800-700 BCE
The Greek symposium, or wine party, was invented.
146 BCE
Romans displaced the Greeks as the leading wine producers in the Mediterranean.
2500 BCE
Grapes were grown in Crete and possibly the Greek mainland for the first time.
Affected the American Colonies and the Caribbean Islands.
Important Events
1300 CE
Arnaldus of Villanova, a professor at a French medical school, produced instructions for distilling wine.
1386 CE
Doctors 'healed' King Charles II, King of Northern Spain, using distilled wine or spirits.
1478 CE
Micheal Patt von Schrick, an Austrian Doctor, wrote a formal book about distillation of wine into spirits.
1510 CE
European Slave Traders begin to trade brandy (spirits) to African Traders for slaves.
1561 CE
Rum, a Barbados drink, increased the amount of slavery on the island because of its popularity.
Affected Europe
Important Times
1470 CE
Coffee Beans are first used to make a liquid (coffee), by Muhammad al-Dhabhani.
1652 CE
Pasqua Rose, opens the first coffeehouse in Britain.
1660 CE
The Royal Society, Britain's scientific institution is formed. Founders met regularly at a coffeehouse that was mostly made up of scientists .
First Coffeehouse opens in Marseilles, France.
1671 CE
1675 CE
King Charles issues a proclamation banning coffeehouses. He is afraid of the freedom of speech people have and how people might plot against him. This law was later revoked.
Affected China and England
Important Events
2737-2697 BCE
1191 CE
The Chinese knowledge of tea was taken to Japan, where a cultural tea ceremony is created.
1662 CE
King Charles II, marries Catherine of Braganza, who brings tea to England.
1773 CE
The East India Trading Company gets the British government to pass the Tea Act, which results in the Boston Tea Party.
1838 CE
The first shipment of India-grown tea reaches England.
According to legend, the first cup of tea was brewed by Emperor Shen Nung at this time.
Affected England and America
Important Dates
1767 CE
The first artificially carbonated drink was made in England by Joesph Preistly.
1807 CE
Benjamin Silliman, the first professor of chemistry at Yale University, starts selling bottled water in Connecticut.
1886 CE
John Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, invents Coca-Cola while experimenting with medical ingredients.
1888 CE
When John Pemberton dies the three companies producing Coke combine to form the modern Coca- Cola company.
1894 CE
Pepsi, Coke's main rival, was formed.
By Kendra Nicholls
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