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No description

Tyler Herrera

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Business

Must Know
How to...
A button up, pressed shirt
Matching tie
Suit coat with matching slacks
Button-up blouse that is not bright or distracting
Suit blazer or coat to be worn over blouse
Dress skirt- The skirt should be no shorter than knee length.
Dress Pants- Must not wrinkle across front.
I: Introduction
S: Situation
Always remember, an introduction is a key component in creating a long-lasting first impression.
Coinciding with your introduction, firmly shake right hands.
Always introduce yourself by stating your name and reason for attending this luncheon.
As you begin your business luncheon, follow these essential etiquette rules to obtain the best possible experience.
Knowing where each utensil sits and what it is used for is quintessential in the assurance of your table etiquette.
Not necessary

Possession of adequate communication skills is of utmost importance and an essential key to success.
Timing is everything when communicating during a luncheon.
Never bring up business before the main course is complete.
Keep personals tucked away until an appropriate time.
Having balance in your overall knowledge is crucial when speaking in a casual manner.
Stay updated on current events
If necessary stay informed on occupational news
Avoid political and religious talk
From Layton, Utah
To Madrid, Spain
To the land down under
And everywhere in between...
Take the opportunity to strive for greatness, and become a competent, competitive, business leader.
Male Formal Wear
Female Formal Wear
Although small and handy, cellphones are...
C: Communication
Composed and presented by: Tyler Herrera, Joseph Sheikh, and Robbi Etzel
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