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632 Assignment 3- Toolkit

No description

Nancy Velasquez

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of 632 Assignment 3- Toolkit

Patient's Rights *Patient's right information is provided to patients once they sign consent forms. Medication *Physicians and Pharmacist services can serve as provisions for patients to help with medication adherence, instructions and information.

*Process evaluation can determine effectiveness of services to assist patients' understanding of medication adherence.

*"Health related needs assessment of older residents in subsidized housing"-- it was determined that more than 25% of residents could not identify a strategy to their medication regimen

*Have you guys seen that in your placement or at home? USCRI Healthy Living Toolkit Service:
*Help people in need
*Address social problem

Social Justice:
*Vulnerable populations
*Cultural & ethnic diversity

Importance of Human Relationships:
*Collaboration with professionals to meet consumer needs
*Encourage community health promoters Immigrant Health By: Patricia Corona
Nancy Velasquez Goal of Toolkit Objectives of presentation Educate & empower refugees and immigrants so they can become proactive health consumers and health promoters in their communities 1) Background of Toolkit
2) Navigate how to get the toolkit
3) Implementation through process evaluation
4) Outcomes related to Social Work Goal: Decrease health disparities among immigrants & refugees Outcomes *A process evaluation can identify the effectiveness of this method of communicating patients of their rights. Process Evaluation Ex1) Patient's Rights and Responsibilities *Do you guys think this method works?
*In your placements have you noticed that your patients know what their rights are? Process Evaluation Ex2) Taking Your Medicine Correctly Pros vs. Cons Pros Cons 1) Many Languages 1) Cultural values/traditions 2) Reader friendly 2) Must be able to read 3) Brief 3) Absence of varying languages for some toolkits Stats: According to the CDC in 2006 the U.S accepted 41,300 refugees for resettlement. Also in 2006, the USDHS reported 357,682 aliens in transit to the U.S. In 2011, the USDHS reported there were 56,384 refugee arrivals. www.refugees.org
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